I’ve lost my shorts but I found my cushions!

This seems to be an all too common theme in my life these days. Things go missing in our house, then just as I find something, something else goes missing!

I am not certain who the culprit is. I don’t think it’s my husband as he appears to suffer from the very same affliction that I have. I used to think it was a menopause thing but again, I refer to my significant other.

Maybe it’s just that we are both trying to juggle too many balls in the air, or perhaps we are just too busy running from one thing to the next that we don’t take the time to think about what we are doing.

My other theory is that, when the kids moved out, some evil little gnome with a twisted sense of humour moved in, & is playing a hilarious game of hide & seek at our expense.

My most recent loss was some outdoor cushions for a couple of chairs in our yard. With winter finally giving in to spring, we took on the task last weekend of dragging out the outdoor furniture & getting the patio area ready to enjoy the season. We soon realised that we were missing two cushions for our adirondack chairs, not a complete surprise!

Let the game begin!

After searching through a mound of “treasures” in our garage (trust me, that is a post for another time), I came up empty-handed. The search continued inside for another brief period until I gave up, mostly because it was too nice outside to be on a search & rescue mission in the house.

Because this game is played on a regular basis in our household, I was certain they would turn up sooner or later, no need to panic! The best part of this game from the evil gnome’s perspective, is that we keep going back to the same key spots in hopes that the items we are looking for somehow grew legs and will magically reappear exactly where we thought they should be in the first place.

Much to my disappointment, each time I revisited these spots, still no cushions!

I can see you smiling right about not as I can pretty much guarantee you have done exactly the same thing on occasion! This used to drive me crazy but I am learning to “not sweat the small stuff” so I just go about my business until I uncover the mystery of where they ended up.

The good news is that I found my cushions the other day, right where I left them. They were tucked away in our basement exactly where I placed them last fall when I packed them up. Upon seeing them, I was reminded as to why I had placed them there in the first place, so that no little creatures would use them as a nest for the winter.

Score one for me!

The bad news is I’ve lost a pair of cycling shorts! The search continues!



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7 Responses to I’ve lost my shorts but I found my cushions!

  1. Chris says:

    There in the black hole! If you find any more chair cushions there mine! Your gnome has an evil twin working the Oshawa branch….Bastards!!

  2. joannesisco says:

    This describes perfectly my life the past month or so. Your evil gnome theory sounds good to me.
    A sock that has been missing for weeks finally showed up yesterday tucked inside the pocket of one of Gilles’ cycling jerseys.
    This game of hide-and-seek is driving me crazy.

  3. Lynn says:

    Drives you crazy, doesn’t it? I did end up finding my cycling shorts a year later btw! When I repainted our laundry room & pulled the dryer out, there they were in behind the dryer. Pretty sure the evil gnome must have tucked them there!

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  5. Lynn, my reading and commenting on this post is proof positive that good titles work. When I saw the title, I just couldn’t resist. Perhaps because of the mental image it creates, and perhaps because it’s something that I can absolutely relate to – or both. We live in a small, simple (dare I say minimalist?) townhouse with a garage. When something goes missing, my line to Terri is: “There’s only so many places that it can be – so where is it?” In my case, when I re-discover the item, like the case with your cushions, I remember the exact logic that is used at the time, but a year later, it doesn’t seem so logical. And BTW, the bike shorts behind the dryer were just bad luck and don’t count in the bad memory column. 🙂 ~James

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