This Fan is Standing Tall


For as far back as I can remember, hockey has been a part of my family. My oldest brother was a goalie & played at the highest competitive level so our lives were spent travelling from arena to arena cheering him on. Saturday nights were always spent crowded around the television with pop & chips (the only time we got them) & cheering on our beloved Toronto Maple Leafs.

If you are a Leaf fan, as I am, you most likely went to bed last night feeling a whole spectrum of emotions ranging from utter disbelief to complete rage. For a small moment in time, our spirits were soaring, fists were pumping in the air & cheers reached new levels of enthusiasm. Our boys in blue had managed to gain a 3 goal spread, surely this meant we were moving on to the next round!!!

As a Leaf fan, we are all too accustomed to the feeling of going from total elation to feeling like we just got the wind knocked out of us in a nano second. Alas, moving on was not in the cards this year. The fans & the players were left with stunned looks of disbelief and that all too familiar deflated feeling of disappointment.

Given that I try to make some attempt at focussing on the positive, I have chosen to stand tall & go with the “it was fun while it lasted” kind of attitude.

For years, we have been waiting for our boys to get into a playoff game & get into a game, they did! What started out as a crap shoot & most non believers thinking it would be a 4 game sweep series, it soon became clear that our boys had something to prove!

They fought back hard, demonstrating to their loyal fans that they were ready to take on the task of giving it their all. Not even a 6″9″ giant could stand in their way. It is a testament to the spirit of this team, to watch them last night rise up over & over, despite noses being split open, elbows & punches to the head.  In my humble opinion, they gave it their all!

A nail-biting series that left us diehard fans wanting more, not because we love the game of hockey, but because for the first time in a number of years we believed our team actually had the where with all to move on!

I say, CONGRATULATIONS BOYS, you made us proud! You fought hard, you caused a number of skeptics to sit up & take notice & I, for one, am proud of the blue & white Canadian team!

That’s the thing about us true Leaf Fans, you just can’t knock us down, we are resilient & we are eternal optimists!!!

So my fellow tried & true fans, don’t hang your heads in disgust, dust yourself off & set your sights on the future! After all, at least we didn’t get our asses kicked like the Habs.

See you on the golf course:0)

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One Response to This Fan is Standing Tall

  1. Jimbo says:

    For us die hard Leaf fans it was like watching our boys playing and we hurt right along with them. We’ll get them next year, until then Let Go Blue Jays

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