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A+ for Autumn

Autumn is the time of year when Mother Nature seemingly picks up her paintbrush, creating a spectacular canvas of brilliant colour for our eyes to behold. Gorgeous hues of reds, oranges & golds adorn our trees, leaving us awestruck in … Continue reading

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Festival of Leaves – Week 3 As children, the fall represents days of our childhood, hours & hours spent building forts & frolicking in the leaves.  Listening to them crunch beneath our feet beckons us to become the children we … Continue reading

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Celebrate your Nation!

As the Olympics draw to a close today, I hope that you are feeling as proud of your country & its athletes, as I am of mine.  There is rarely a day that goes by that I don’t thank my … Continue reading

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Flashback Friday – Ode to my Great-Gran

Have you ever stopped to consider who you might be like as you grow older?  If you are fortunate enough to live to a ripe old age, what character traits will you possess?  Will you be a cranky, cantankerous old bird or will you be … Continue reading

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Reflections – 1st day of school

As I drove to work this morning, I couldn’t help but smile, as I passed a number of excited children on their way to their first day of school.   Little ones jumping up & down with nervous anticipation, while their … Continue reading

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Shifting Roles

Although I can’t pinpoint exactly when this happened, at some point over the last few years, it seems that my parenting role has shifted.  Some call it the sandwich generation, I just call it getting older. My days of bossing giving direction to my … Continue reading

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