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So Here’s the Thing

I know that there has been a lack of words written here over the past number of months.  So many of you have reached out to ask if I am still writing which truly touches my heart to know that … Continue reading

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Keepin’ it Real

Warning: I may have dropped the F Bomb in this post…more than once! In a recent conversation with a friend who was experiencing some challenges, they expressed that their life sometimes felt like a total fuck up. I assured them … Continue reading

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When Life Throws Us a Curve Ball

Despite our best intentions to find balance in our lives,  sometimes life throws us a curve ball we didn’t see coming. A wild pitch that can throw us off kilter, causing us to dig deep within our ourselves to find … Continue reading

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A Little Snow on the Mountain

Although I have visited the Western area of Canada a few times, I have not had the opportunity to hike in the mountains. On a recent visit with a very dear friend of mine, I had put in a request … Continue reading

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Accumulated Baggage

Accumulated baggage. The stuff of life that stays packed in our cases, like the outfit we took on a trip, but never wore. Some of us only accumulate a small carry-on, while others tip the scales with the weight of … Continue reading

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All Hail the Queen

If there is one thing I have learned in my lifetime, it is the value of true friendship. Those people in your life who stand by your side through thick & thin, through the good & the bad.  Their friendship … Continue reading

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Chasing the Light

It’s been awhile since me & my bike have spent time together. Autumn brings shorter days, making it a challenge to get in a good ride before the light of day disappears. Racing home from work to change into my … Continue reading

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And then I met Anne

There are people we meet who leave an impact on us. After a particularly stressful week, I have been feeling overextended & quite honestly, a little sorry for myself. And then I met Anne. Anne lives in the same retirement … Continue reading

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A+ for Autumn

Autumn is the time of year when Mother Nature seemingly picks up her paintbrush, creating a spectacular canvas of brilliant colour for our eyes to behold. Gorgeous hues of reds, oranges & golds adorn our trees, leaving us awestruck in … Continue reading

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The three Rs…according to moi

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Today Was a Good Day.” Most of us are familiar the three Rs.  You may not be as familiar with my version. Re-Energize, rejuvenate, replenish.  Equally as important, and yet often not … Continue reading

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