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A Quiet & Peaceful Place

As you leave this earth, I wish you a quiet & peaceful place. A place where the rays of the sun peek through the canopy of the trees.  If you lift your face to the sun, you can feel the … Continue reading

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And then I met Anne

There are people we meet who leave an impact on us. After a particularly stressful week, I have been feeling overextended & quite honestly, a little sorry for myself. And then I met Anne. Anne lives in the same retirement … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

We can all use a little reminder now & again to embrace the good parts of ourselves, work on the things that might need a bit of improvement, & to let go of things we cannot change. As the calendar … Continue reading

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Morocco – The Road Less Travelled!

There are a number of destinations in Morocco which require you to travel off-road in order to reach them.  We would spend the next 2 days of our tour crossing the desert, travelling on, what often appeared, to be nothing … Continue reading

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Lessons in Life – Lesson #2 – The Value of Time

Awhile back, I wrote a piece here, promising to occasionally share a few life lessons.  There are some benefits to getting old  middle age, one of them being, the older we get, the more opportunity we have to gather tidbits of wisdom … Continue reading

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Morocco – Lasting Impressions – A Young Man Named Driss

Every now & again, we meet people who leave a lasting impression on our hearts.   Our lives are richer in some way, just for having met them. I would be remiss in my recollections of my travels to Morocco if I did not … Continue reading

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Going on 2 Therapy!

Imagine what it feels like to see the world, & every little thing around you, with fresh eyes; every single day. To embrace each day like it promises to be one great big grand adventure!  If you are going on … Continue reading

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Morocco – The Most Incredible Day!

What, you might ask,  constitutes this day in Morocco as the Most Incredible Day? The short answer is human connection. What made this day so memorable was that we were given an opportunity to meet a number of  family members and … Continue reading

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On My Ride Today – The Sweet Smell of Spring

As I headed out on my ride today, I noticed that Mother Nature has been very busy the past few weeks.  With a long, cold winter behind her, one can almost hear the sigh of relief & the promise of … Continue reading

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Lyrics of Love

Almost daily, through social media, we are inundated with inspirational quotes & a plethora of videos that may impact us in some way.  Some make us laugh, some give us cause to reflect, some simply touch our hearts. This was the case for me … Continue reading

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