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Celebrate the Human Spirit

For the past few days, many of us have been holding our breath as we have been watching the coverage of the rescue attempt of 12 boys & their coach from a cave in Thailand. After 18 days, thankfully & … Continue reading

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What’s going on

Only love can conquer hate. Marvin Gaye. Last night, I stumbled across a beautiful rendition of this classic song,  What’s Going On. Artists from various parts of the world, working together in a unique & collective way,  to deliver a beautiful … Continue reading

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From the sidelines

I haven’t received word there is an unexpected bun in the oven, so it looks like I am heading for surgery as planned. My right shoulder has been giving me grief over the last number of months, preventing me from participating in … Continue reading

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Make a Wish

One of the things I love most about riding my bike, is the awareness that comes from seeing things that are often missed when travelling in a motorized vehicle. Last week, as I was quietly peddling along a country road, … Continue reading

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Yes to the No!

What is your go-to answer when opportunity presents itself? Life a knee jerk reaction, often no slips out of our mouth before even giving yes a consideration? No, I can’t. No, I shouldn’t. Perhaps the possibility of saying yes seems … Continue reading

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You ARE Awesome

Yesterday I was out on a little shopping adventure with some girlfriends & I came across a card that looked something like this. It spoke to me as the New Year tends to be a time of year when we set … Continue reading

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