My Trifecta Shirt

A few months ago, in the beautiful shop where I work, I was drawn to this shirt.

Not only was it cozy, but I loved the message.

Believe there is good in the world.

I had worn it a few times before I realized there was a message within the message.  A customer pointed it out when I had it on one day in the shop. (Not kidding 😂)

Be the good.

It has become my favourite go to shirt.

With our world feeling so turned upside down, I felt it was worth sharing today.  To spread a message of something other than doom & gloom. To share a smile, a virtual hug & kiss.

So in my attempt of finding a good angle for a selfie, which I totally suck at by the way, I noticed a 3rd message staring back at me.  One of my very favourite words.


Big hugs & kisses💕

I hope that you are all managing okay through these stressful times.  When all else fails, remember to Believe.  

We will get through this together.  Stay safe, stay well & stay home.





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Sorting it all out

Because we are housebound, many of us older folks have resorted to tackling jobs we have been putting off for a very long time.  I feel the need to clarify older folks as I suspect the younger generation are just too busy trying to find ways to entertain their children through such turbulent times.

So, I apologize to my younger readers, for as you are most likely pulling your hair out by now, I am in search of the next closet that needs to be pulled apart and sorted.  

I know.  I AM SORRY 😐 


I’ve been talking about tackling various clean out projects for, well forever, if I’m honest🤔.  

It seems forever has arrived.  My closets have never looked so organized, nor have my stainless steel appliances that I seem to have time to polish everyday!  

I am certainty nowhere close to being done, there are still many to go but, you know, I have some time! 

What are you doing to pass the time?  

If you have children, how are you managing?  Do you have any hair left?





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Be the Calm in the Storm

Unless you happen to live in a very remote part of our planet with no access to technology of any sort, you are most likely feeling a little stressed as a result of our current state of affairs!

We are maneuvering through very challenging times. It’s unnerving to say the least.

But here is the message I felt compelled to share with you today:

Be the calm in the storm.

I am not suggesting you bury your head in the sand or not stay informed.  It is important we keep up to date through reliable sources, but rather than be that person overloading on the incessant talk of Covid-19, allowing the feeling of panic to seep in to every pore of our being, I encourage you to take a deep breath and practice a bit of normal each day; to remain calm.

Panic creates panic.  Lord knows we are all feeling it but all the more reason for us to collectively work together to reset the balance we know as everyday life.

Find creative ways to connect with loved ones & friends, especially those who may be facing such challenging times on their own.  Reassure those who are feeling anxious that we will get through this….together….because we will.

Last evening, prompted by one of my very dear girlfriends, we rallied a group of us via conference call, shared a glass of wine (or two) & just chatted for about an hour.  It was so good to hear their voices rather than via text or email.  To just catch up.

One of the gals shared that she had spent the last few days sorting through that giant bin of LEGO most of us have in our houses from when our kids were small.  She found it to be a very satisfying activity, reorganizing all of the pieces, colour coding them and dividing them into bins so that one (her grandchildren) could actually find what they were looking for.

Then she sent us this picture this morning which literally made me laugh out loud!  The caption read, “Brought in reinforcements to help hold down the fort”.

“Brought in reinforcements to help hold down the fort”

I know who I shall be building with next time I play with LEGO. Brilliant right?😲.

Be the calm in the storm my friends.  We will get through this.💕

What are you doing to pass the time?  Do tell!



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Celebrate Love

In the opening scene of the movie Love Actually, the narrator, Hugh Grant, suggests that whenever he gets gloomy about the state of the world, he thinks about the arrival gates at Heathrow Airport.  He then goes on to say that although general opinion suggests we live in a world filled with hatred & greed, that in fact, love is all around, we simply need to look for it.

The scene gets me every single time.  Maybe I am just a big sap, some might even suggest I am a Pollyanna, but I think the real reason is just that I tend to agree.  Love truly is all around us.

Don’t believe me?  I encourage you to open your eyes & have a look.

Take a little extra time to remind the people around you just how very much they are loved.  Let them know they matter.  That they are valued & such a very important part of your world.

It seems only fitting during the holiday season to call attention to this important message. For isn’t love the best gift we could ever give & receive?

Whatever you celebrate over the holidays, I wish you love!



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Here’s An Idea

Yesterday was Federal Election Day here in Canada.  It was probably one of our most talked about Federal elections to date, in part because Canadian citizens were very undecided on which candidate to vote for.  Sadly voter turnout numbers did not reflect the amount of chatter leading up to Election Day.

For the record, I voted.  It is a right I do not take lightly, regardless of how lame I may feel our choices are.  It is still a choice I get to make.  Yay for democracy!🎉

But I must say, I am glad it’s over.  I was getting very tired of reading all of the hate mongering/mud slinging/non factual posts on social media and the like. Seriously people, check your facts before you toss your bullshit around for all to read.

Admittedly I am not a political kind of gal.  While I certainly try to educate myself on the parties’ platforms, I refrain from inflicting my rants on social media. It’s just a personal choice.

So the results are in.  Love it or hate it, we are stuck with a minority government.

There were many this morning who were not surprised at the outcome of our election and there were those who were pissed.  Royally pissed.  Still ranting on social media.

For the love of Pete,  can we all just grow up & work together, regardless of which political party we align ourselves with?  I personally don’t think there is one elected official who signs up for that job without the best interest of this country at heart.

The challenge, once in office,  seems to be getting government colleagues to get out of the way of their own egos & work collectively towards common goals to ensure our country in its entirety is the best it can be.

So here’s an idea.  How about we make an extra effort to encourage our government officials to work together for the common good of the citizens of Canada and play nice out on the playground?  After all, isn’t peace keeping part of what we stand for as a nation?🇨🇦

With that said, while I welcome all comments & thoughts, I will not entertain bullshit here so if you feel the need to spew a bunch of crap, keep it to your social media profile please.  I have most likely already blocked you from my feed anyway.  Just sayin’!



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So Here’s the Thing

I know that there has been a lack of words written here over the past number of months.  So many of you have reached out to ask if I am still writing which truly touches my heart to know that you even care.

Let’s face it, life just gets challenging & really hard sometimes.  We’ve all experienced it.

Unexpected bumps and dips in the road that occur for a multitude of reasons, causing us to spend our energies elsewhere.   We do the best we can to swerve around the bumps & dig ourselves out of the dips, all the while trying to keep our sanity intact!  Some days if feels like a constant uphill battle.

That’s me standing in the boat, clearly not paying attention to the golden rule: You should never stand up in a boat!

But we continue to climb, to fall & to get up again to dust ourselves off and muster on.  We remind ourselves that there are far worse challenges people are facing every single day than our own.

I am still here, in spite of my absence and I remain confident that calmer days are in store, days that hopefully look a little more like this!

This is more the vibe I am going for! Maybe I should trade in my car for a kayak! 😂

Hey, one can dream!

Until then, I thank you for your love & your support. I hope to once again have time to pick up my writing.  I certainly feel like I still have lots left to share.  I hope you’ll stay with me!




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Hanging By A Thread

One of the unexpected surprises when I started blogging, was the friendships that are formed all over the world. I am so grateful to have met my friend Joanne who lives relatively near by and who is always up for a new challenge!

We recently connected & when I suggested she join me in giving aerial yoga a try, she was all in! Although I have now been a few times, it was Joanne’s first time. I so admire that her sense of adventure never stops her from trying new things!

So great to spend time together Joanne! Who knows what fun we shall get into next!

My Life Lived Full

I have been lucky over the past several years to meet and develop a ‘real world’ friendship with a number of great fellow bloggers. One of those is Lynn from Life After 50.

We actually live relatively close to one another and this week Lynn invited me to join her to try something new – to me, not her.

I know – you’re shocked. Me. Something new.

In a large old industrial building in Bowmanville – behind this wonderful heavy metal door – I met with Lynn to give aerial yoga a try.

If you aren’t familiar with it, aerial yoga involves using a large silk hammock to support, stretch, and invert the body through a series of yoga moves.

Meet Lynn!

It sounds intimidating but I’m game to try most things at least once.

I’m not exactly the most graceful and coordinated person in the world and I had…

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Keepin’ it Real

Warning: I may have dropped the F Bomb in this post…more than once!

In a recent conversation with a friend who was experiencing some challenges, they expressed that their life sometimes felt like a total fuck up.

I assured them they had not won the prize on that one!

However it did get me to thinking.

We live in a world, where on a daily basis, we are bombarded with images of people seemingly living richer, fuller and more adventurous lives.

People working in more exciting jobs & wearing more fashionable clothing.

People who travel the globe with what appears to be an endless supply of income.

People who are married to the perfect partner & have miraculously created the perfect family who all live in a perfect home.

People living a life we can only dream of.

But are they really?

I believe a more accurate statement might be, we are inundated with images depicting people living perfect lives.

For aren’t we/they just all showing the best sides of our life?

If any one of us stepped in to someone else’s life, I suspect it wouldn’t be long before we recognised that they too, live in an imperfect world.

One where they might not feel valued. One where they experience disappointment.  One where they struggle with anxiety & fear.  One where they may feel the weight of loneliness & sadness.

And yet, so many of us are reluctant to share these sides of ourselves.  We hold our not so perfect or vulnerable parts in a safe place, in many cases locked deep inside, for fear that in sharing them, we may be exposed for all to see, that somehow we just don’t quite measure up.

With depression & suicide rates on the rise, it would stand to reason that we could all benefit from a little less perfect in our lives.

After a lengthy conversation with my friend, commiserating on all things not so perfect, aka fucked up, they thanked me for keeping it real.

It doesn’t take a whole lot to assure someone they are not alone, to let them know that most of us in fact, on any given day, can hold the fucked up trophy. 🏆

Sharing our not so perfect sides of ourselves can be equally as important as sharing our successes.

I encourage you to keep it real!





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Making Changes

When the calendar flips to a brand new year, many of us often find this a good time to reflect on what we might like to change moving forward.

Those changes vary for each of us, for only within our own hearts do we know what we need to alter or work on in order to feel more fulfilled.

I have never been a fan of New Years resolutions but here is what I am a fan of.

I do think it is important to pause & give thought to everything we feel good about in our life and alternatively, to determine what we might need to change in order to help us grow to our full potential.  To live our best life.

Some of those changes are hard.  Some require an awful lot of work. Some may even seem insurmountable.  But I assure you, they are possible.  We only need to take the first step needed to start us in the direction we want to go.

So as you look forward to 2019, I encourage you to make the necessary changes to lead you towards the best life you envision.

If you falter or fail,  keep putting one foot in front of the other, grab hold of a hand if you need to, but don’t ever stop trying.

With some perseverance and perhaps a little learning along the way, the reward can only be that much sweeter when we achieve the change we hoped to accomplish.

Whatever dreams you envision for 2019, I wish you a year that is filled with joy & adventure & most of all, love.

Happy New Year!





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Slowing it Down

We talked about not getting a tree this year but instead ended up with a 14 footer😂.

As we approach the last few days prior to the holiday season, many of us find ourselves running around in a bit of a tizzy & feeling a little worn out!

I encourage you to find some time to attempt to slow it down just a wee bit & take in the little bits of magic this season presents to us.

It is a time to gather with family & loved ones.

It is a time to extend a little more kindness. 

It is a time to practice a little more patience.

It is a time to spread a little joy.

May the holiday season find you surrounded in the warmth of all you hold dear and may the prospect of a brand new year inspire you with a renewed sense of possibility.

I hope to be writing a little more in 2019.  Thank you for continuing to read, to share your thoughts & to offer your words of encouragement & support.






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