It’s a Snow Day!

For the first time, in a very long time, southern Ontario found itself experiencing a snow day.

Monday, January 17th, 2022, was scheduled to be the return date for in class learning for our children who, due to the pandemic, have been out of school since before Christmas.

But Mother Nature had other plans, not only for our children, but for most adults having to leave the house to go pretty much anywhere beyond their front door.

Of course, there are those winter naysayers who only choose to focus on the downside of a snow day, the not being able to go anywhere, the task of shovelling to literally dig themselves out of the house and the snowplow not plowing out their street for hours, but there are so many positives that occur on days like these.

Neighbours helping neighbours, strangers helping strangers, kids squealing with delight as they attempt to maneuver through waist high snow or fly down a hill on a sled.

One of the best stories I read about yesterday was posted on a local community page I follow, a neighbour reaching out to ask if anyone could assist in getting to her neighbours house to help shovel them out. It seemed the gentlemen’s expectant wife had awakened that morning to her water breaking and although they weren’t expected at the hospital until later that morning, concern grew when he realized he had about 2 feet of snow to clear, not to mention a vehicle to uncover, and that was just to get out of his driveway. Offers of help came in one after another, neighbours, strangers, all rallying to pitch in. In addition to the multiple offers of help, when a municipal employee saw the post on the community page, a request to redirect one of the municipal snowplows was given and an off duty fireman arrived offering to drive them to the hospital.

If that wasn’t enough to fill my heart with goodness, today my son sent me a picture of the fort he had created for his kids. This is a Daddy who knows firsthand, the joy that comes from a snow day and experiencing the fun it can bring.

So the next time a snow day happens to come your way, take a second to give thought to the good that comes out of a seemingly chaotic mess! It may just restore your faith in humanity a little bit, it may fill your heart with childlike joy & it may remind you of the little boy you once knew, who knows the delight that can come from such a day.



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37 Responses to It’s a Snow Day!

  1. I love the story about the expectant mother… we need more of those coming together stories in this crazy world. Thank you for sharing your snow day – and that wonderful fort – with us!

  2. What an uplifting post, Lynn. Thank you.

  3. Reblogged this on Musings and Wonderings and commented:
    Awesome, love the positivity!

  4. Dwight Hyde says:

    Thanks for the wonderful message and reminder, Lynn. I remember many of days making forts in the snow banks. My mom had to get me a bright orange “Elmer Fudd” hat, because she worried the snow plow driver wouldn’t see me. 😁

    • Lynn says:

      Oh Dwight, I love that story so much! My son loved to spend hours digging in the snowbanks at the end of our driveway so I can certainly relate to your Mom’s concern! Thank you so much for sharing.💕

  5. Ingrid says:

    When I lived in snow territory, I used to enjoy snow days. Heartwarming tale of people coming together. Stay warm!

    • Lynn says:

      We rarely experience them these days Ingrid but when we do, they feel kind of special. Lovely to have you visit! Hope you are settling in to your new/old way of life.💞

  6. Brennon Hightower says:

    I loved this post and the story included! thanks for sharing!

  7. restlessjo says:

    That is one superb snow fort, Lynn! The boy has talent. Happy snow day!

  8. Al says:

    Positivity, thy name is Lynn!

  9. Linda Raha says:

    Oh, I so agree with you about the snow!!! I love that fort! Wow! We built snowmen as kids but never something as awesome as that fort!!! 🙂

    • Lynn says:

      Linda, thank you so much for visiting today & taking the time to leave a comment. My son loved to build forts in the snow when he was a boy, this was his grown up version! It made my heart swell!❤️

  10. greytop says:

    I, too, live in Southern Ontario and loved the snow day we had.

    Rather than try to clear a driveway and take his car to drive our grandchildren (ages 4 and 8) to their school, our son bundled everyone up in their snow gear and walked them to school, a distance of about 1.2 kms. They were so eager to be present for the school re-opening, that neither child complained. From reports, everyone enjoyed the walk and played in the fresh snow. The children were late for school but, somehow, that didn’t matter!

    • Lynn says:

      It was a crazy amount of snow in a very short period of time! I am surprised your son managed to get to school at all, our walkways are still being cleared here! Fingers crossed our grandchildren are able to stay in school! Thanks for visiting.☺️

  11. Ann Coleman says:

    I may be old, but I still enjoy snow days too! And that’s an impressive fort….

    • Lynn says:

      I think snow days bring out the child in all of us Ann! We couldn’t believe the size of the snow fort our son had built when he sent us the pic. I have no doubt he had an absolute blast building it!😀

  12. Ally Bean says:

    The story of your community coming together to help the expectant mother and father is delightful. Your photos show so. much. snow. I like snow, but we get less and less of it every year. Also, wonderful to see you back to blogging. Thanks for letting me know.

    • Lynn says:

      Today the community page posted a picture of the couple’s newborn baby with a big thank to the community for helping out! A great story for them to tell in years to come.

      We too, get less & less snow year over year but Monday’s storm blasted with a reminder of how things once were! Thanks for visiting Ally💕

  13. Love a good snow day – up here in Barrie we have a few more than you do though. Great snow Fort your son built – are you sure it was just for the kids?

  14. How lovely, Lynn. The story of the expectant mother still has me smiling. And your son’s snow fort is awesome – his kids are lucky to have him for their Dad. As a kid growing up near Lake Erie, we had our fair share of snow days, and I loved each one. We would build snow forts and sled all day, then come home cold, wet, exhausted – and deliriously happy! Thanks for the reminder, and welcome back Lynn. ~Terri

    • Lynn says:

      It was such a good news story Terri. A few days later a thank you to the community page was posted, along with a picture & introduction to their new baby girl💕. The snow fort my son built made me smile equally as much as it so reminded me of memories when he was a little boy. I suspect he had as much fun building it as his kids did playing in it! Thanks so much for visiting Terri, I am really hoping to be around a little more often!

  15. dfolstad58 says:

    Wonderfu photo and story! My buddy in Ottawa recently told me about a dump they had there but quickly in 24 hours it was all turned around and Rideau Canal was open again. I love the fort, must be some little kid in me still as it looked tempting !

    • Lynn says:

      It was definitely a dump of snow David, the most we have seen in some time! I agree on the fort, we thought it was fantastic & could totally envision ourselves playing in there! Thanks so much for visiting!

  16. Susie Lindau says:

    There’s nothing that warms my heart more than a SNOW DAY! LOL! Yes, the firefighters helping out was nice too. Love that snow fort! I used to attempt them when I was a kid but nothing like that apartment complex.

    • Lynn says:

      Snow Days are the best whether you are a kid or an adult, it matters not. My son has loved building snow forts from a very young age, as a Dad, they have only gotten way more creative! Thanks for stopping by Susie.💕

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