Forever In My Heart

This past week I said goodbye to my Mom. It seems no matter how prepared we think we are for such a loss, the magnitude of emotions that ensue, still catches us off guard.

Forgive me, in advance, for this lengthy post, but in the absence of being able to have a proper celebration of life because of Covid 19, I felt compelled to share some thoughts about Mom as I would have done, had we all been able to gather together.

So I ask you to indulge me, whether you knew my mom or not, while I make an attempt to put into words, a snapshot of her life.


Anyone who knows me, is very aware of the challenging journey I have been on with Mom for the past number of years. When her dementia settled in, bit by bit, it slowly chipped away at the person we all knew & loved.

Although dementia is part of her life story, it is not representative of who Mom was as a person, nor is it my focus today.

Mom was best known for her smile, her effervescent personality, her caring disposition, her love of being social and of course, her infamous shopping sprees.

Born in 1934, Mom was the second daughter to Jack & Hilda Carnegie; a baby sister to Nancy. It wasn’t too long into mom’s life before she was dubbed the social one, an attribute that would remain a part of her for the better part of her life. She was a happy child, always busy and making friends wherever she went.

She was somewhat of a tomboy at an early age, loving to fish and get dirty, relishing their family times at the cottage, living a carefree life in all that such a property gifts to a child. She talked about those carefree days with such fondness and I only wish I had taken the time to learn more about them.

Growing up in the small town of Omemee, Mom attended high school in Lindsay where she met a wonderful group of friends, many of whom she remained in contact with for years and years. She also met my father during that time, who commuted from the nearby town of Bobcaygeon. After attending secretarial college in Peterborough, she & Dad married & moved to Oshawa to begin their life together.

For the first few years of their marriage, they rented the upper floor of a house owned by their dear friends, Kay & Fred Fox, eventually purchasing their first home just around the corner on Masson Street. Auntie Kay & Uncle Fred remained constant in Mom’s life, sharing many years of friendship & fun together.

In 1959, Mom gave birth to her 1st child, Stephen, beginning the journey of being a mother. She used to tell me that Steve had his days & nights mixed up, sleeping most of the day and awake most of the night, but eventually they managed to sort him out. He challenged her in many ways, as children do, but I shall not divulge his secrets here, well, except for the time she came out to find him at the wheel of the car, rolling backwards out of our driveway, across to the neighbours driveway, now rolling back to ours, laughing his head off and looking very proud of himself. He was 2 at the time. Admittedly, I may have been partly to blame for her distraction in not keeping an eye on him.

Mom & Dad with Steve

In 1961, I was born, apparently challenging Mom’s maternal skills to the limit. She shared with me many times, that I cried constantly day & night and that it was a miracle I was still alive. Stories of being left out in the carriage on the front porch of Masson Street screaming my head off, only to have the neighbours call to say, “do you know your baby is screaming?” I was eventually moved to the basement in the carriage beside the furnace, so as not to disturb the neighbours and the hopes of being far enough away so she didn’t have to listen to me cry. When the doctor suggested she just let me cry until I fell asleep, she said I’d cry until I threw up. Not an ideal baby but I did manage to improve as a human as time went on.

Me, not screaming, with Mom & Steve

Thinking their family was complete (and I am sure not wanting a repeat of me), it came as a complete shock when Mom discovered she was expecting a 3rd child. David was born in 1966 and she shared that when she brought him home, he slept through the night that first night. She was pretty sure this was because she spent so many hours of her 3rd pregnancy fearful of another me. David was her easiest baby although he made up for that during his teen years. Again, not my stories to tell.🤐

Mom & David & Sapphire

At some point in those earlier days of marriage, Mom joined Sweet Adelines, a singing group that would not only bring her the joy of music, but a connection to lifelong friends. These friendships were invaluable to her and often the respite she so needed when life presented its various challenges. Mom, Anna-Jane, Barb & Laverne decided to form a quartet, and although singing is what brought them together, deep rooted friendship is what kept them together for their lifetime. I recall, as a child, laying in my bed upstairs, listening to them “practicing” down in the family room. You would hear the sound of the pitch pipe, followed by a few bars of the song, and then nothing but fits of laughter. She treasured each & every friendship she made through Sweet Adeline’s. For those still with us and for those that have gone before Mom, know that your friendship meant so much in Mom’s life.

Anna-Jane, Mom, Laverne & Barb

After 22 years, the breakdown of my parents marriage was no longer salvageable and they divorced; I believe I was 15 at the time and I think this was the first time as a young adult I gave thought to what a strong person my mother was. Divorce was practically unheard of in those days, in many cases, people just adopted a hunker down & bear it kind of attitude. But not our mother.

Mom would spend the next 3 years raising 2 teens & a preteen pretty much on her own, no easy feat I am certain. When I look back on those years with Mom, I can honestly say, at least as her daughter, I have no recollection of feeling the way many teenage daughters feel about their mother at that time. She was fun and hardworking, she was there for me in every sense a mom can be. There was no subject that was taboo and friends of mine were often shocked that I shared all I did with my Mom. That is not to say she knew every single bit of trouble I may have gotten into, some stories are best saved for sharing as adults, but I suspect that the relationship shared with my mom at that time, set a tone for how deeply our relationship would grow over the years. I knew I could talk to her about anything, even if she didn’t see things my way. She listened, she gave advice where she thought it was needed, but at the same time she gave me the space to fail & to grow.

In Mom’s early 40’s, through a strange but beautiful love story, she would meet the love of her life, my stepfather Bill. Their story deserves to be written here in full at another time but here is the short, condensed version. Through the reconnection of a long lost childhood friend who came from England to Canada as a child during the war, mutual lives intertwined. Fate would intervene for the reunion of this friend, sending Bill to Canada to visit, splitting his time between staying with my aunt’s family & ours. Not long after he arrived, Mom later shared they felt an instant connection to one another.

When Bill returned to England, he & Mom wrote back & forth for several months, and eventually he suggested perhaps she would like to come to England for a visit, a way to get to know one another better, just the two of them, and to explore the potential of a relationship. She accepted his invitation.

I often think about her taking that leap of faith. Sitting her children down to explain feelings she thought she had for a man she had only known for a period of about 4 weeks, a man who lived almost 6000 km away, a man she somehow understood she was destined to meet.

For 3 years, they travelled back & forth across the pond and talked about how they would move forward in their life together. Standing firm about not wanting to uproot us kids, Bill left his homeland, his business and life as he knew it, moving to Canada to join my Mom and her 3 teenagers without hesitation. They married within a month of his arrival, mostly due to immigration rules at that time. It’s a strange feeling, watching your Mom become a newlywed. I don’t recall ever seeing her happier than when she & Bill married.

Mom & Bill’s wedding day, July 21, 1978

He was the yin to her yang. Mom loved to entertain but didn’t fancy cooking, Bill was only too happy to do the cooking while Mom entertained their guests. Bill found teenagers perplexing, Mom seemed to have that all figured out for the most part. Mom loved to head out on a shopping day with her girlfriends, Bill was quite content puttering in the basement on his own. Mom loved to decorate, Bill was happy to indulge her or build whatever she wanted. Mom was a spender, Bill was a saver. Mom could be impulsive, Bill reined her impulsivity in and patiently thought things through. Mom loved to provide respite or company to anyone she cared about, Bill was only too happy to oblige the never ending open door policy that was their home. Their love & commitment to one another kept them head over heels in love for the 24 years they were together. I am forever grateful she followed her heart & instincts in knowing this was a man who was meant to be in her life.

In 1985, Mom became a grandmother with our firstborn, Jason. As fate would have it, karma came back to bite me in the butt, gifting me a baby who, like his mother, would challenge any maternal skills I might have had. Born in the summer, thankfully because Mom worked for the school board, she was able to assist, completely understanding what I was going through. When Brian was working, she faithfully arrived every single morning for weeks, taking Jason for a walk to give me a bit of respite & time to have a shower. His crying did not faze her, she was all too familiar with this gig and knew it was only a matter of time before that phase passed, leaving us with a wee bit more wisdom as parents.

Mom & Jason

Two years later, our daughter Katheryn was born, my mother’s namesake. She was so delighted to have a granddaughter. Remember her shopping addiction? Rarely did I need to purchase clothing for our children when they were babies, for Grandma delighted in keeping them well outfitted. I recall her & my Aunt going out to visit my cousin in San Francisco where she went on a crazy shopping spree. When it came time for her departure, she described the 3 of them all laying on top of her suitcase, collapsing in fits of laughter, trying to stuff everything in, all the while concerned whether she would manage to get past security. She did, many times, outfitting the kids for months to come.

Mom & Katheryn

I could spend days writing about stories that involve Mom & her grandchildren, stories that will forever be tucked in my children’s hearts, but in the interest of time, let me just say that there is nothing she loved more than being a grandmother. She was so proud of the incredible, kind human beings they have become and I know she felt so privileged to have been such a large part of their lives.

In their early retirement years, Mom & Bill purchased a property in Florida, another somewhat impulse decisIon on mom’s part, but a decision they would both never regret making. As Mom emptied the stores of Clearwater & the surrounding area of the state of Florida, Bill happily fished off the local pier & prepared dinner for when she & often a pack of girlfriends, returned home. Their days down south were some of their happiest, filled with meeting new friends, and entertaining ones that came to visit. Shuffleboard, game nights, putting together a “Canadian” pub production, and just general all round shenanigans were right up Mom’s alley and Bill was always in if she was.

Mom & Bill in Florida

In the fall of 1998, my stepfather was diagnosed with cancer, and in spite of receiving treatment, he passed away just over a year later. Mom was absolutely devastated, her whole world shifted & quite honestly, I am not sure she ever fully recovered from that loss.

Still love struck ❤️

Mom moved 4 times in the span of less than 2 years after Bill’s death. A very dear friend of mine once said to me that it was as if Mom felt if she just kept moving, she wouldn’t be able to stand still long enough to allow the grief to settle in. I suspect she was right.

But, as time passed, another gentleman would try his best to woo her. Eventually, Hank was successful in his pursuit and for the next 8 years, she & Hank were together, enjoying each other’s company and falling in love once again. Despite several proposals from Hank, Mom never agreed to marry again. I just don’t think her heart would allow her to. To Hank’s credit, he was with my Mom during a time when her dementia really began to take hold and he stood by her in spite of how difficult that could be. I am so grateful to him for being in her life, gifting her his love & commitment when she needed it most

After Hanks death, we spiralled into what I call, the nasty years. Although I was fully aware of Mom’s decline in her cognitive ability, for the very first time, I had a front row seat to her progressing dementia. There was no longer a partner to shield me from the day to day challenges that come with this insidious disease. I am ashamed to say that I found myself not liking my Mom a whole lot during this time. Where some people soften as dementia progresses, Mom did the opposite. It was like her brain unleashed a whole bunch of anger and rage and belligerence and discontent. She was challenging and difficult but at the same time, she was suffering.

For the next 9 or so years, we were set on a path as mother & daughter to do the very best we could to navigate the disease eating at Mom’s brain and to facilitate a life that would keep her safe. I won’t dwell on all of that time, for it does not represent who Mom was for the better part of her life, but it is important to recognize that it is part of her story. In the end, through many highs & lows, dementia taught me to dig very deep into myself, to find a patience & a compassion I didn’t even know existed.

There are countless stories to tell of Mom’s life, of friends & family, of adventures & getaways, of silliness & frivolity, all overflowing with a sense of fun and of course love. I treasure every memory she created both for me & the people in her life she held so close to her heart. I encourage you to share your stories with your families & friends, leaving behind a treasure trove of tales that will be remembered by those who remain, or those who may come in the future.

When I received the call that Mom was failing, she & I spent her last 4 days of life together. We spent countless hours in a funny kind of staring contest. I reminded her over & over who I was & how far I had come from being that horrible crying baby she once knew. She may have cracked a smile at that comment. At times I sang old Sweet Adeline songs to her, at times I sat recalling the stories of her life, at times I simply held her. I share this with you because, in those most difficult of days, something magical happened. As I sat gazing into my mothers beautiful blue-grey eyes, at some point, the nasty years all but vanished and the memories of the woman I have so dearly loved, all came flooding back to me. I absolutely believe she somehow sensed I was there, smiling back at me with those beautiful eyes, letting me know how very grateful she was to have me there at her side.

Mom, I am so grateful to have had you as my mother, my teacher, my protector & my friend. You taught me to be brave, especially when things get tough, you taught me to always be my own person, to love my family with every fiber of my being, to be the kind of friend who shows up always, and to rise in the face of even the most difficult of circumstances. You will forever be in my heart, guiding me with your love.

Me & Mom

I can’t imagine life without you in it, but knowing that Bill is most likely arm wrestling Hank out of the way to get to you, wherever you are, brings me comfort in knowing that you are together once again.

I love you so much Mom.

Your daughter for always,


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79 Responses to Forever In My Heart

  1. Ruth says:

    Beautiful post, Lynn… So sorry for your loss ❤

  2. Joanne Sisco says:

    Lynn – I don’t quite know where to start. I’m so, so sorry for your loss. I know some of the challenges you’ve had over the past few years, and I know from experience the mixed and confusing emotions stirring around right now.

    You’ve written a beautiful story about your mom’s life, and coloured a powerful image of the woman she was, and the place she held in your heart. I’m struck by how much of her you are.

    I’m hugging you with all my heart ❤️

    • Lynn says:

      Joanne, I so appreciate your kind words. There is much of her in me, all the good bits I was able collect along the way & I suspect a few of the more challenging bits as well🙄. I loved her dearly.💕

      • Kim Restivo Galea says:

        So sorry for your loss, Lynn. You gave your mom the gift of your unconditional love and support through the wonderful years as well as the “nasty years”, just as she did for you throughout your life. Such a wonderful, heartfelt tribute to her. I know how difficult it is to lose your mom. Find comfort in all the wonderful memories you have to cherish.
        I am remembering our getaway to your mom and Bill’s place in Florida many years ago. I feel fortunate to have gotten to know them during that time. Both so welcoming, caring…and fun!
        You and your family are in my thoughts.
        Kim ❤

      • Lynn says:

        Oh Kim, so lovely to hear from you. When I was going through scads of pictures, I came across the photos from that trip. What fun we had! So grateful you had the opportunity to know Mom when she was herself💕

  3. Karen Mcboyle says:

    Lynn what a wonderful post on your mom. I feel I know her. I’m so sorry for your loss xo

  4. Sue Slaght says:

    Lynn I have goosebumps from head to toe reading your post. I feel that with each word I came to know your dear Mom just a wee bit more. I could envision you standing before a crowd of those who loved her and I so hope you will be able to give this eulogy one day. I am sending huge hugs and love to you. What a tremendous gift you gave her to journey with her on those final days.

    • Lynn says:

      Sue, thank you so much for reading. Mom & I shared a very special bond, one I am certain you fully understand. I hope you and your family are well my friend.💕

  5. Annie Berger says:

    What a beautiful and unflinching tribute to your mom, Lynn. I loved reading about your mom’s love story with Bill and with her friends. We should all be do lucky to love and be loved like your mom was.

    • Lynn says:

      Annie, her love story with Bill is a very interesting one and I really do need to write it down for future family to know about. Thank you so much for your kind words, truly appreciated 💕

  6. Kim says:

    Lynn what a wonderful tribute to your Mum. These are difficult days, but hold on to the love and your memories. Be proud of all you have done for your Mum. You were always there especially during the last four days. I know she knew you were with her keeping guard and making sure she was safe and comfortable. Love you

    • Lynn says:

      Thank you my friend, not only for your kind words, but more importantly for all of the support you have gifted to Mom & me during those challenging years. Your guidance, your knowledge & your calm support were so vital to me navigating those hard to handle times and I am pretty sure you may have been responsible for keeping my sanity in tack.💕

  7. Janis Junkin says:

    Lynne. What a beautiful description of your Mom’s life. As always, you did an excellent job of describing the person she was and your feelings toward her. Nothing can ever replace a mother’s love! We are so sorry for your loss but like your Mom, your strength will get you through. Just know we are thinking of you and all the family with love. Wish we could get together. Wayne, Janis and family.

    • Lynn says:

      Janis, I just got off the phone with Judy & we had a lovely visit. Mom held you girls in such high regard and was so grateful to be able to stay in contact with you after she & Dad split. I look so forward to a time when we can gather for a glass of wine & reminisce together.💕

  8. JD says:

    Awww Lynn sending a big warm, tight, long hug!! Can’t wait to do that in person! This is a wonderful tribute to your Mom and you have many wonderful memories to treasure. Thank you for sharing her story and the photos through the years. I’m happy I had the chance to meet your Mom at a couple performances. Sharing those last few days was very special for you both I’m sure. Sending lots of hugs and love to you and your family.

    • Lynn says:

      JD, thank you for reading and for all that you do for our senior population. Mom loved your performances. Sending those hugs right back at ya gf!🤗

  9. Sheri Austin says:

    So sorry for your loss Lynn. I have big challenges with my mom too so I can relate to all the emotions you describe. Hugs,

    • Lynn says:

      Sheri, I am so sorry you too, are dealing with such challenges with your Mom. It can be so hard to separate the dementia from the person we love. If you ever need to talk to someone, please feel free to reach out to me.💕

  10. Dwight Hyde says:

    Lynn, what an amazing mom. Surrounding you and your family with much light, love, and hugs.

  11. Heather O’Brien says:

    Oh Lynn I am so very sorry for your loss. The loss of a Mom is so difficult and so incredibly full of racing thoughts, deep grief and profound sadness. My heart goes out to you and my prayers are with you. Sending a huge hug! Heather O’Brien

    • Lynn says:

      Heather, there is an emptiness that comes when we lose our Moms, one we think we are prepared for but then the reality hits. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my friend. Truly appreciated 💕

  12. Ingrid says:

    My sincerest condolences for your loss. What a lovely tribute to your mother. I enjoyed reading but you had me in tears toward the end. And oh, how I can relate to the crying baby. My first born is lucky to be alive 🤣 Sending cyber hugs 🙏

    • Lynn says:

      Ingrid, I am chuckling at your comment about your firstborn. I feel your pain sister! The good news is I think I turned out okay & as for my son, well he is an absolute delight. Thank you my friend for all of your positive energy.🤗💕

  13. Sheree says:

    What a wonderful homage to your mother, I’m sure she would’ve enjoyed reading it. My mother too died with Alzheimers so I understand how the woman you knew and loved faded away over time. She’s now at peace.

    • Lynn says:

      Sheree, dealing with dementia &/or Alzheimer’s is gut wrenching for families. I am grateful Mom is at peace now & I so appreciate your support.💕

  14. Jane says:

    Beautifully written Lynn, so hard to lose our mom’s. She was lucky to have such a wonderful daughter making sure she was loved and cared for till those final, difficult moments. Jane xo

    • Lynn says:

      Thanks Jane. You & I have discussed our moms on so many occasions. Your ongoing support as my friend is something I am so grateful for.💕

  15. Al says:

    Absolutely stunning tribute to a beautiful person. From the photos and your description of her personality it’s easy to see why there were suitors lining up. I hope this post provided some release for you as emotions swirl around like crazy during these times. I lost my brother to early onset Alzheimer’s so I fully understand the hurt as I tried to help him during those last frustrating stages.

    Your comment toward the end about encouraging us to leave behind our stories really hit home. I am in the last stages of writing my autobiography to leave for my family. Hope to finish it within a month. Like your homage to your mom, there are lots of photos. That meant so much in reading about her.

    Thanks for sharing this with us.

    • Lynn says:

      Al, your comments never fail to touch my heart. I spent the better part of 3 days trying draft, but a snapshot of the person my mother was. I am so sorry you lost your brother to Alzheimer’s, it is a wretched disease.

      It is so important for us to share our stories with our loved ones, the keeper of our lives moving forward. I sure hope I can purchase that autobiography of yours as I have no doubt it is chocked full of wonderful stories. 💕

      • Al says:

        That’s very kind, Lynn. I will make sure to give you the info. Be assured it won’t be one of those you “can’t put down” because it will make a great door stop. It wasn’t easy making my life seem exciting, but it does have its surprises.

      • Lynn says:

        I have no doubt it will be entertaining to say the least. Nothing wrong with a good door stopper you know 🤔

  16. tinaor says:

    What a wonderful tribute. She sounds like a fantastic Mum and during ups and downs (a lot of ups I read here) it seems you’ve so enjoyed being with each other. She truly embraced all that life threw her way. The dresses the Adeline’s wore ! It’s not every parent/child that gets to have such a fantastic chance at a relationship. You must be truly thankful. I only wish I could have written such a tribute about my own mother’s passing.

    • Lynn says:

      Tinaor, I am ever so grateful for the relationship Mom & I shared. I know that it is a rare & gift and honestly, she is one of the best humans I have known. Weren’t those orange dresses something!

  17. Karie Stephenson says:

    So sorry to hear about your Mom, thinking of you!!! Karie

  18. A beautiful post, Lynn. Sorry for your loss. You brought back memories of my own mom, even more so because she was also born in 1934 and married my dad in (you guessed it) 1955. So glad you have many wonderful memories of your mom, as I do of mine.

    • Lynn says:

      Wow, isn’t that something Scott! There has to be a math lesson in those coincidental numbers somehow!🤔. Thank you for stopping by my friend.💕

  19. Deb Patrick says:

    Lynn, the tears welled over for me reading this, of the time when I had to say goodbye to my own Mom. What a beautiful, loving tribute to a woman who lived life her way and was a fearless trailblazer in so many ways. You have her smile, that is so easy to see. And her strength of character and passion for living life well. I wish you much comfort in all the beautiful memories during this hard time of loss. Love you girl xo

    • Lynn says:

      Ah Deb, now you have me crying again! My brother & I were just reflecting the other day, on the various ways Mom was very much a trailblazer in so many ways. I so appreciate your very kind words, I learned from the best. Love you back gf!❤️

  20. Ally Bean says:

    I’m sorry for your loss. Thanks for sharing your mother’s story here. There is no easy way to say good-bye to a parent who you loved, but you have begun the process graciously. Hugs to you

    • Lynn says:

      Thank you Ally. My life is so much richer for having had my Mom guiding me through most of it. I am sure she off singing or decorating or telling stories wherever she is.💕

  21. I am so sorry for your loss, Lynn. This is a beautiful tribute to your mom and a loving message to all faced with the same challenge. Thank you for sharing.

    • Lynn says:

      My pleasure John. Families dealing with dementia can feel so alone in their struggle. It is an important part of my mother’s story but thankfully I had so many wonderful years with her.💕

  22. This is so lovely. You should look into where you can get it published. ASA might be one place. (Just realized that ASA stands for two separate organizations: American Society on Aging and American Seniors Organization.) I remember so well how I felt when my mother died. It was 22 years ago, but it seems much more recent than that. The intense grief fades over time, but the memories never do.

    • Lynn says:

      Bobbi, I can’t imagine how hard it must have been to lose your mother at 22. I am truly blessed with a lifetime of memories with my Mom & I am so, so grateful for that.💕

  23. Jo says:

    You did an amazing job writing that That was beautiful Lynn… you’re Mom was such a nice lady.

  24. You’ve written such a beautiful tribute to your wonderful mother. It sounds like she had a life filled with adventures and love and I’m glad you shared her story. I’m sorry for your loss.

  25. restlessjo says:

    A fabulous tribute to a beautiful lady and the way she raised you, Lynn. She must have been so proud of you. I became firm enemies with my mother-in-law in the early stages of her dementia, but at the end we were close. So sad but you have such wonderful memories to look back on. That photo of you as a baby made me smile- you looked too worn out to cry any more 🙂 🙂 Hugs, darlin!

    • Lynn says:

      Jo, it is a horrible struggle for families dealing with loved ones with dementia. It can
      absolutely tear families apart. Thankfully I had such a solid foundation with Mom to draw from.

      If I look worn out in that pic, it is probably because she had just brought me up from the basement😂

  26. susan says:

    A lovely story of your moms life.
    The fun your parents had with Don and Marg on Meadowview Blvd.

    • Lynn says:

      Oh Sue, Mom & Bill so loved Meadowview and all the crazy antics they got into with Don & Marg! Especially Don, he was the shenanigan King!

  27. Christine Farr says:

    I am so ever grateful to have met your mother! Going into work seeing her big beautiful smile and her arms would come out for a big hug! I always called her mom and my wonderful coworker would alway correct me she out not momma lol! I loved your mother and I’m so very sorry for the loss of such an amazing lady! She raised an amazing women and it was a pleasure to have met you too! I will forever remember your mom and her infectious smile!
    Xoxo love a red haired PSW ❤️

    • Lynn says:

      Christine, I have tears in my eyes reading your comment. I can’t tell you how much it meant to me, the evening we chatted, when you shared how much Mom meant to you. I was so grateful that you were able to see the woman I so loved, as for a period of time, dementia seemed to bring out this horrible, foreign to us, side to her.

      Your team is amazing, so caring to the residents who live there, and as a family member, it brought me so much comfort to know, particularly in this past year, how loved and cared for Mom was.

      Thank you, from the very bottom of my heart, for taking the time to read a bit of Mom’s story, for leaving such a beautiful comment, but most of all, for being her daughter when I couldn’t be there💕

  28. pennysgreen says:

    Such a moving and lovely way to celebrate your Mom’s life. It was moving to read and remember that the person living with dementia is more than just the person we see and know struggling. My thoughts are with you.

    • Lynn says:

      Penny, it’s challenging for families to find ways to share the loss of loved ones during Covid, this helped to with that. Dementia was but a small bit of the person Mom was, it felt good to think about the countless wonderful memories I have prior to that time. Thank you so much for visiting today.💕

  29. Ann Coleman says:

    I’m so very sorry, Lynn! Losing a mother is one of the hardest things to endure, especially when you were so close. For what it’s worth, I do believe your mom knew you were there at the end, and I’m so glad you got one last glimpse of the woman she really was before she passed.

    • Lynn says:

      Ann, I am truly so grateful for the relationship I had with Mom for I know not everyone is able to experience that with their mothers. Thank you so much for stopping by my friend.💕

  30. Heyjude says:

    I am so sorry for your loss Lynn, losing a parent is so hard, no matter what age we are and how much we know it is inevitable. And I know only too well how dementia can steal that person away from you. Such a lovely tribute to your Mom and her life, a life lived well, and I enjoyed reading it, and seeing how weirdly your mother appeared to get younger the older she was! The fashion in the fifties made even young people look middle-aged! You have such lovely memories and photos to share with your family and get you through the sad days ahead.
    Jude xx

    • Lynn says:

      Thank you so much Jude. A big part of why I went to Cornwall 2 years ago was because my Mom & my stepdad loved it so much.

      You are right about some of the fashion, some of it was so stuffy 😂

  31. Judy Junkin says:

    I’m so sorry about your Mom Lots of good memories and laughs. I really enjoyed our talk yesterday about your Mom. I know the last few years have been a rough time for you and all your family but I’m sure you are seeing from all the comments how well she was loved. (You know she was my favourite client). Just know I really enjoyed spending time with her – she had a great sense of humour and a big smile. Love you guys. Take care

    Love Judy xx❤️

    • Lynn says:

      Judy, you did it! Well done👏

      It was so wonderful chatting with you yesterday, it always is, whenever we have the opportunity to catch up. She adored the Junkin gals and always looked so forward to getting together with all of you. Thank you so much for always her best interest at heart & especially for keeping me in the loop when yet another shiny property caught her eye. Love you back girl!😘

  32. Tracy Sali says:

    Love this, Lynn. I felt like I knew your mother through your writing ❤️

  33. Such a beautiful tribute to your mother. You have written it so beautifully, I feel like I have met her, and been introduced to a very lovely lady. I am sorry for your loss, but what a gift to have had such a mother to raise you. She certainly seemed to live life to the fullest, even when she faced heartache. Our beloveds do live within our hearts. Love is that divine gift from God that never fails us. Thinking of you at this time and praying that the strong bond of love you shared with your mother will bring you peace, and comfort you from the ache of loss.

    • Lynn says:

      Linda, thank you so much for your very kind words. I had the best Mom in the world and she definitely took hold of life & lived it to the fullest. I am so glad to hear you could feel or get a sense of her spirit through my words, it was so important to me to have that part of her spirit shine through. 💕

  34. Lynn so very sorry for your loss. Our sincere condolences. What a beautiful in depth tribute to your mom. I am amazed at how much detail and information you have about your mother’s early life, even the name of the street she lived on. Isn’t it interesting how we can be perceived a certain way in our very earliest years, and then that perception becomes reality such as in your mom’s case with being the “social one”.

    The other thing that really resonated was how your mom found love in her forties with your step dad. And how they had an instant connection. Reminded me of my own story of getting divorced and being a single mom to three boys while falling in love at that age, with Ben.

    Beautiful photos. May the memories give you comfort and much joy.


    • Lynn says:

      Peta, I was so fortunate to have a wonderful relationship with my Mom and thankfully was somewhat inquisitive about her early days. I only wish I had asked more questions in the days when she would have been able to remember & share. It actually made me reflect on some of the reasons I decided to begin to write, to share my life philosophies & stories & travels. I hope to share her love story in the coming days as it is a unique one. I am so grateful she had those years with my stepdad as she was clearly so happy.

      Thank you so much for your lovely words Peta, as always they are truly appreciated.💕

  35. LB says:

    Ah Lynn, I am so sorry about your Mom ❤ I so loved reading about her though. What a smile, what a life, and such love. And weren't you the challenging baby 🙂
    Thinking of you!

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