The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

This space has been pretty quiet these days, in fact so much so that it would not surprise me if there is anyone even still interested in reading this post. Are those crickets I am hearing?

Contrary to what you might be thinking, based on the title of this post, I am not offering a review of the famous 1966 spaghetti western. To be honest, I am not even certain I have ever watched the film🤔. Insert looks of utter disbelief from middle aged men everywhere!

What the hell are you talking about?

It was just a title that came to mind when giving thought to how I should sum up 2020.

The good, the bad & the ugly; 2020 in a nutshell.

From a writing perspective, it seemed necessary to somehow reflect on the shitshow this past year as it finally comes to a close.

2020 began like most other years. When a new calendar year flips over, we are often filled with a renewed sense of change or purpose, we set intentions & we make plans. 2020 was no different at the beginning but none of us could have predicted what the rest of the year would entail. Hindsight is 2020! Sorry, you had to have known that one was coming!

It wasn’t long into the new year before we were all left scratching our heads wondering what the hell was going on. I suspect there are many still scratching.

We were introduced to a virus by the name of Corona, sadly not even remotely related to the fresh cold beer with a lime stuck in the opening that shares its name. Rather, we began to learn of a deadly virus which became known to us as Covid 19; a virus creating a pandemic that would bring our global world to its knees.

Whether you believe in science or whether you are a conspiracy theorist, there is one thing most of us can all agree upon, life as we have always known it, came to a complete grinding halt.

Disclaimer – although everyone is entitled to their own opinion, this space is my sacred space so I won’t entertain your bullshit conspiracy theories here.

With that being said, because I am, for the most part, a glass half full kind of gal, let’s just get the bad & the ugly parts over with so that I can make an attempt to end on a somewhat positive note. In fact, I am feeling like such a rebel, let’s just throw caution to the wind & reverse the title entirely! It is 2020 after all.

The ugly is pretty self evident. A deadly virus causing in excess of 1.7 million tragic deaths across the globe (at the time of me writing this post). Leaving in it’s path, unfathomable loss of life and utterly exhausted frontline healthcare providers in all parts of our world, working tirelessly to do their very best to care for those with Covid 19. (These providers fall into the category way beyond good) The more surprising ugly for me, has been the human response from some, in the midst of this pandemic. The nay sayers, the judging, the complete disregard to follow safety measures to those who continue to provide services to the public. It’s astounding to me. I could go on about ugly but my glass would then be half empty & I think you catch my drift.

The bad is also not too difficult to see. The devastating impact on our current & future economies, many businesses at a complete loss as to how to keep going & manage to survive the pandemic. No travel, no socializing, no hugging (that’s been a real challenge for me), no toilet paper, and the baddest of the bad, not being able to see our families & friends.

Words like lockdown, quarantine & bubbles have taken on a whole new meaning. Here in Ontario, Canada, we now live is zones described as yellow, orange, red or grey, each of which dictate what we can or cannot do. There is a whole lot of territorial rage when grey & red zones cross into yellow & orange; this falls into both the bad & the ugly category.

When we exit our homes & prepare to enter public spaces with our masks in place, we resemble someone looking like we are getting set to rob a bank. The upside of masks is it does save on the use of lipstick. See? Glass half full.

Hugging has become absolute taboo. HUGGING!!! I truly struggle with this one for it goes against every fibre of my being. Remember this post?

But, in spite of all of the stress, the loss, the loneliness, the boredom and some days, the utter feeling of helplessness, in the spirit of remaining hopeful, I offer you a tiny slice of the good.

The good, in any of this mess, can be a little more challenging to find when we are feeling so lost & overwhelmed. It can take a tremendous amount of effort to seek it out but I promise you it is there. In an attempt to preserve my own sanity, I share my good quest findings in the hopes it might inspire you to do the same.

First & foremost, 2020 has taught me the value of family & good friends. To be honest, this has always been a first for me but this past year has only reaffirmed just how important the people who fall into this category are to me. You know who you are.😘 Your support, your calls, your visits and your hugs ( yes, if I am being truthful, I may have secretly squeezed in a few here & there) have kept me sane. Some might argue the sanity point but I am probably going to be arrested for hugging so my sanity will only decline anyway.

2020 has also reinforced the value of time. Precious time spent with our loved ones, whether they be young, old or somewhere in between. Time has always been such an absolute gift and one I will swear I will never take for granted for as long as I have on this earth.

Lastly, I want to give a shout out to every single person who has offered not only me, but to humans in general, a sense of grace & kindness & patience through this pandemic. You far outshine any bad or ugly in my books and I am so grateful you are in this world to show us the good side of being human.

May 2021 bring us all a more peaceful new year and a renewed perspective in searching for the good in all of us.

Sending you hugs as always and if you are still taking the time to read & visit this space, I am so grateful for your company. 🤗


If you’re still reading, I invite you to take a moment to have a listen to this beautiful piece sung by One Voice children’s choir. It’s been circling social media for some time but if you ever want a good reason to fight this damn pandemic, just have a look & a listen to these beautiful young faces & voices. It’s their future we are fighting for. You can listen here.

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41 Responses to The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

  1. Dianna Reid says:

    Big hugs to you Lynn xo

  2. It won’t be over for a while, so we will need to keep that half-full view for a while longer. Super post, Lynn. Happy New Year.

  3. janwieder says:

    I’ve been blogging as a hobby for a few years. Still learning about WordPress and how to make it work the best. Thanks for sharing

    • Lynn says:

      Jan, thank you so much for the visit & taking the time to leave a comment. The blogging community here is a wonderful eclectic group & in the midst of blogging, I have had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful people. Happy New Year!💕

  4. greytop says:

    I can’t think of anyone who is sad to see the end of 2020. As you know, it’s day 4 of the 2nd lockdown in Ontario with record-breaking numbers of cases announced daily. Stay strong and think positive thoughts for 2021!

    • Lynn says:

      It has been a very challenging year, that’s for sure! Greytop, I am hanging on to those positive thoughts for dear life! Than you for visiting.🤗

  5. Janice Young says:

    Love your post, Lynn. Here a virtual hug to get you through another day. Glass half full is how I like to see the world. I have a lot to be thankful for, especially remaining fully employed during this time. I’ve tried to share the wealth as much as I can for like you said, many have not or are struggling to hold on. Take good care and be sure to hug-a-lot, when you can.

    • Lynn says:

      Janice, thank you for that virtual hug & for all you do to lift the spirit of those around you. I have seen you in action firsthand! Sending those hugs right back at you my friend💕🤗

  6. Carolyn MacDonald says:

    Thanks Lynn, I have seen the One Voice Choir many times and, as it has just now, brings me to my knees with tears in my eyes for so many reasons. I’m missing family, I’m missing choir, I’m missing skiing, I’m missing travelling…amongst so many other things! However, I too am a glass 1/2 full kind of gal and truly believe we will get through this and will have learned a few positive things about ourselves along the way. What a journey!! Continue to stay safe!

    • Lynn says:

      Carolyn, I have thought of you so many times over this past year, knowing firsthand the challenges Covid has created for our families. Let’s keep filling those glasses together my friend & hope that in a time not too far off, we will be clinking glasses together & planning for a journey that involves lots & lots of hugs🤗

  7. Sheri Austin says:

    Loved it! Happy New Year!

  8. Heyjude says:

    Well yes. To all of that. And coming from ‘Plague Island’ where no-one can come in and no-one can go out it’s left to the ‘survival of the fittest’. That good old Darwinian evolutionary theory – appropriate that he hails from this island. I wonder what he would think of this year? Stay positive and test negative! And let’s hope these vaccines actually do work.

    • Lynn says:

      Oh Jude, you gave me such a chuckle. Your island was & is as beautiful as ever. Keep on believing my friend, we’ll get there…..eventually! 🤗😘

  9. Dwight Hyde says:

    Happy New Years, Lynn😊

  10. cindy knoke says:

    Healthy & Happy New Year to you Lynn! 👪🌃🥂🎇🕛

  11. Al says:

    Lynn, you know I could never leave you in spite of your absence (Cue the Neil Sedaka “Breaking up is hard to do” music”). I think a lot of us have gone into blogging semi-hibernation through this all.

    Your words all ring true. It will be interesting how history judges this period but for sure there are many unsung and unnamed heroes walking around amongst us.

    Happy New Year and a big cyber hug back to you!

    • Lynn says:

      Al, your comments always put a smile on my face. It’s interesting as you mention, it seems a number of us are all but absent from writing these days. I don’t know all the reasons why but I suspect we are all feeling a little lost these days.

      Thank you so much for not breaking up with me. I truly appreciate your support!💕

      Happy, Happy New Year!🥂🥳

  12. I just want to wish you a very Happy New Year 2021! We are almost there!!! 🙂 You are so right in this post…in the worst of times we discover the people who are really there for us. And I do believe as you do, that this year has taught us the value of time…pandemic or no pandemic, there are only so many summers, only so many Christmastimes to share with the people we love. (Even if it was on the phone and not in person.) Wishing you all the best in the year to come…

    • Lynn says:

      Oh Linda, thank you so much for your lovely comment. I feel as I age, time just seems all the more precious. Here’s hoping 2021 is kind to us in being able to do just that with our loved ones.💕 Happy New Year!🥳

  13. Cheryl Marsh says:

    Fabulous Memories song Lynn, even with tears!, and too your heartwarming words, as always!
    It’s all dead on, perhaps right on is better now, and will live in our hearts and minds – even many memoirs I’m sure.
    Love & BIG hugs (& I too snuck a few in) & Happiest New Year wishes to you, Brian & Yours, enjoy your celebrations!! Hope to SEE you this coming year.
    C&J 😘💕🍷🙏

    Sent from my iPad

    • Lynn says:

      So interesting how that song took on a whole new meaning through this pandemic. Good to hear you received some “real” hugs in 2020. Look so forward to catching up together, hopefully in person, in 2021. Be well my friend 😘

  14. Ann Coleman says:

    I think you summed up the past year quite well! Happy New Year to you and yours, and here’s hoping for better things in 2021!

  15. Janice McGrath says:

    That was a good read Lynn. You summed it up fairly well without leaving us on a bad note. Positivity is one of your strong suits. We all need that. Happy New Year and keep on writing, it’s cathartic. 💜

    • Lynn says:

      Thank you my friend. It can be challenging these days not to be bitter but I just keep on keeping on! Appreciate your encouragement more than you know💕

  16. What a great summation of 2020 – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. yep, that about covers it. I’m so glad you could find things to fill the Good category. I’ve focussed a lot this year on finding the silver linings to situations and we survived. For me, I’ll add to the good that I’m fortunate to live in a country with a functional government that listens to experts and community minded fellow citizens who do likewise.
    Happy New Year to you, Lynn. I hope 2021 brings you lots of warm in-person hugs!

    • Lynn says:

      So lovely to hear from you Heather. I would totally agree, your government & citizens have done a wonderful job of doing what needs to be done …period! Here in Canada? Not so much. I think we are way ahead of others countries around the world but we are nowhere near where we need to be.

      Happy New Year my friend! Hope 2021 brings you much love & a more peaceful ride!💕

  17. Sue Slaght says:

    It is the hugging that has been the hardest for me as well Lynn. To say I never appreciated how much this was a part of who I am is an understatement. As we see some light and hope I agree that I shall never take such things forgranted again. As to the naysayers and mask refusers, my decades in nursing leave me with no tolerance whatsoever. Go spend a day in ICU and get back to us on your thoughts.
    Lovely to find you hear Lynn. Here’s to better days ahead!

    • Lynn says:

      Sue, you & I share the love of & need of a good hug. For me it is such a simple act that is vital to our well being. I fear what all of this is doing to our mental health in so many ways, but I muster on in the hopes of better days ahead.

      As far as those naysayers, I couldn’t agree more. A young friend of my daughters works in one of our local hospitals in the ICU, which has now become the Covid unit for the area. I have listened to her experiences and her stories and like you, I have absolutely no tolerance for those who claim this is all some sort of hoax. I just tune them out 🙄

      Look so forward to reconnecting with you in person whenever that day may come.

      Wishing you, Dave & your family a safe & wonderful new year.💕😘

  18. A lovely uplifting post with just enough anger at those who deny science. Hugging the grandkids is what I miss the most and I often think about how they will one day describe this strange period in their lives. Good, bad and ugly indeed and bring on that vaccine!

    • Lynn says:

      Oh my, I feel you on the grandkid thing! Until recently when our area was mandated back into lockdown, we actually were able to bubble with our children/grandchildren and I am so, so grateful for that. Hope we can get back to that point soon.

      Bring on the vaccine!

  19. Joanne Sisco says:

    You captured it all – the good, the bad, and ugly. What a year! And what a learning experience. For a while I thought I’d lost my rose-coloured glasses, but I’m starting to rediscover exactly how far a little optimism goes.

    Best wishes for 2021, Lynn. May it be filled to overflowing with hugs from loved ones 🤗

    • Lynn says:

      If you happen one an extra pair of those rose coloured glasses, please courier them out my way. It feels like mine have become those darkening tinted ones some days & I don’t like them one bit!

      Happy New Year my friend.💕🥳🤗

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