Sorting it all out

Because we are housebound, many of us older folks have resorted to tackling jobs we have been putting off for a very long time.  I feel the need to clarify older folks as I suspect the younger generation are just too busy trying to find ways to entertain their children through such turbulent times.

So, I apologize to my younger readers, for as you are most likely pulling your hair out by now, I am in search of the next closet that needs to be pulled apart and sorted.  

I know.  I AM SORRY 😐 


I’ve been talking about tackling various clean out projects for, well forever, if I’m honest🤔.  

It seems forever has arrived.  My closets have never looked so organized, nor have my stainless steel appliances that I seem to have time to polish everyday!  

I am certainty nowhere close to being done, there are still many to go but, you know, I have some time! 

What are you doing to pass the time?  

If you have children, how are you managing?  Do you have any hair left?





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54 Responses to Sorting it all out

  1. Ally Bean says:

    We are childfree, so I still have hair. Our closets are looking great, but I have yet to polish the stainless steel appliances daily. You’ve upped the game with this idea. Thanks, I think.

  2. I love that you are getting so much done…great positive energy well spent! I have been finding ‘lost’ things. Yes, things can get lost in closets! My husband calls this, ‘shopping in the closet’. (It saves money!) I have also found much that I do not need…all of this can be passed along. As we go through memorabilia, we discover how much we have to be thankful for. God has blessed us with so much. As we sort through ‘stuff’, we remember so many happy times; Life is good, and God is great!

  3. Roadtirement says:

    We’ve been doing a lot of cleaning, but mostly we end up watching movies that we’ve been wanting to see.

  4. Deb says:

    I am still working full time, so I am going to be the one boomer who still has a crap ton of undone projects when this is all over! But, I am thankful that the flip side of that is that I will be getting pay cheques and paying my bills and am able to help out friends who are quarantined or wanting to limit going out due to other health concerns in the household. Hope for a quick conclusion to all this isolation for us all, with a minimum of cases. Stay well my friend!

    • Lynn says:

      Deb, perhaps you can hire all of us unemployed boomers to do that cleaning out for you. We will most be creative ways to source an income!

      How wonderful that you are able to help out friends who are in need of assistance. This is sure testing our abilities to be good people. It sounds like you are definitely doing your part💕. Wash your hands & stay well❤️

  5. Sheree says:

    We too are childfree and I at least still have plenty of hair. I have plans to do some of those rarely tackled jobs but thus far have been too busy, possibly because we already work from home.

  6. Week 1 was very productive, managed to get quite a lot of paintings done, week 2 which is now is a bit draggy, anxiety setting in, more cleaning then painting. Stay safe❤️

    • Lynn says:

      Tiffany, I think many are feeling that anxiety as time creeps along so know that you are not alone💕. Collectively, we have a challenging road ahead of us but if we pull together as a human race, I believe we will have all learned a few things along the journey, making us stronger in the end. Stay well💗

      • Thanx Lynn. It is comforting that our community is standing together to fight this, this is definitely a positive. I wish for us to come out of this changed for the better and that we establish a better norm. Thank you for your message of support it. Stay well, big virtual hugs 🤗

      • Lynn says:

        I share that wish Tiffany 💕. Hugs right back at ya!🤗

  7. Robin says:

    So true Lynn! The unfortunate part of course are the piles I have waiting for the donation centres to reopen. Now that I am cleaning out I’d feel more accomplished by clearing it out too!

    • Lynn says:

      Yes, I am sure the donation centres are going to be inundated with stuff at the end of all of this! Just keep stepping around those piles until they do!🤪

  8. I’d love to be able to say that I have been doing nothing that isn’t useful but I’d be lying. We did some yard work yesterday and I’ve straightened up a couple of closets but many of the projects I have on my to-do list are still there. No hair loss due to children… nature is doing it to me all by herself, unfortunately. Stay well!

    • Lynn says:

      It can be difficult to get motivated these days Janis. For me personally, while I love to have some precious down time, I am finding I feel better if I can find something to keep me busy and my mind occupied. Thus the shiny appliances 😂

      As someone who has always had a thick head of hair, it can be a curse but as I age, I am very grateful for it! Take good care😘

  9. restlessjo says:

    I find no great difficulty in sticking my nose in a book, Lynn. Every now and then I look up at the view, or volunteer to go downstairs to make a cuppa. It’s hell! 🙂 🙂 But yes, there’s underlying angst. And I was to have gone back to the UK for a few days next week to child mind for my son. He’s laid off work and doing it himself 😦 Happy wardrobe, hon!

    • Lynn says:

      I love to read as well Jo, often in the late afternoon I curl up on the sofa with a good book.

      So sorry you are missing the opportunity to spend a few days child minding. We were to have our granddaughter for a bit while our so. & daughter-in-law enjoyed a much needed vacation together. Obviously that is not happening for now😔.

      Enjoy that incredible view you are so blessed to have!

  10. Ingrid says:

    For me, it has been a combination of cleaning and being lazy. Today, I tackled paperwork/bills/taxes/etc. oh what fun … not! Tomorrow is still questionable 😏 but the project list is long.

    • Lynn says:

      Ingrid, I spent a few hours the other day going through our filing cabinet and some of my moms paperwork for shredding. Filled a green garbage bag😲!

      Hoping you are still able to get outside for some of your beautiful walks💕

  11. Janet says:

    Are you able to go for a bike ride?
    My mom is in hospital and we are unable to visit due to Clovid. But I call her and chat. I too have had a session of closet cleaning and donation bags! Lol. Our daughter in law is expecting May 20 in all this uncertain times! So it’s one day at a time and prayers for all us !
    Hope your family is well. Stay safe!

    • Lynn says:

      Hi Janet, we actually got out for a bike ride today and it was so great to get some exercise & fresh air. So grateful to live in a place where we can still get outside and respect the physical distancing rules.

      This must be all so hard for our senior population, particularly those living alone and in hospital, like your mom. My mom is in long term care so they have been on lockdown for some time now. Good to hear you are at least able to have conversation with your mom, I am sure that means so much to her!

      Stay well my friend💕

  12. Joanne Sisco says:

    Now I feel like a slacker. If I was honest, I’d admit my house is probably a bit messier than usual. I’ve been blogging, playing with photos, doing art, watching movies … anything that I could lose myself in.

    Housework and closets don’t make the list.

    When you’re done your place … 😉

  13. Well Lynn if there ever was a good time to clean out closets, it’s now. For those people who are extroverts I think this period is no doubt more challenging. But for those that are homebodies, it almost feels like an opportunity to get to stuff that usually gets put off for weeks and months due to lack of time.

    We just moved three countries due to being #coronarefugees. From Viet Nam, to Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka all the way to Mexico where we have created a new home base as a result of being displaced by Corona Virus and not being able to return to our home in Hoi An, Viet Nam. So we are pretty busy unpacking in a new home and trying to get ourselves organized as quickly as possible so as to be ready for what hits next.


    • Lynn says:

      How lovely to hear from you💕. I think I am what is called, an ambivert, a combo of the two. I love to be social and I am often that person making arrangements & planning but I equally value my alone time and am quite content in my own space.

      Having said that, I am also a hugger, a big hugger! My first instinct is to wrap someone in a big hug 🤗. That has been a challenge!

      I can’t imagine the absolute whirlwind that has been your life for the past little bit. If I understood correctly, this all happened very, very quickly. You & Ben amaze me! It is such a testament to the relationship you share, the trust that exists and absolute love it takes to just pick up & move on to another part of the world, landing both feet on the ground with such grace. Hoping your new home brings both of you such light & love 💕 Thank you so much for visiting Peta😘

  14. I’ve got the double whammy: an older folk still saddled with a houseful of children. If only I had gotten my life together a little sooner, I could be peacefully organizing closets right now.

  15. tinaor says:

    If only I could be bothered to sort out the cupboards and yarn and fabric stash. Today is the third day in a row I’ve been putting tidying up off! Now I feel really guilty reading others are doing what I should be doing, and I am thinking maybe in three months time when someone makes their way into my house they’ll discover me under a pile of half done projects and probably think I must have been burgled as it’s so untidy!

    • Lynn says:

      No reason at all to feel guilty. We all process things in own way & I say whatever works best for you, go with that. In the meantime be sure to get your neighbor &/or love ones to poke their head in your door just to holler and make sure you are not buried! Stay well💕

  16. Sue Slaght says:

    You sounds very ambitious Lynn and I should take some lessons from you. I think the first week at home we were a bit like zombies and rather glued to the media. Now we are trying to get into more normal routines where tasks and cleaning are part of the daily grind. You never know maybe we will finally get to that stack of photo albums waiting to be scanned.

    • Lynn says:

      Sue, it looks like you have been plenty busy entertaining your granddaughter, that is a whole other level of motivation mixed with tired.

      As I mentioned to someone else, I think it helps me to put some order in all of this disorder going on around us. Trust me, I have plenty of time lazing as well these days!

      As for media, we are trying to watch CBC each morning for a catch up, tune in to the latest updates from our governments and then it gets turned off.

      I hope you and your beautiful family are staying well my friend. Sending you uber virtual hugs 🤗

  17. Al says:

    OK, Lynn since you started this true confessions journal, I’m copping to alphabetically organizing and labeling the spice rack. God, it feels good to get that out!

    • Lynn says:

      Al, you truly are a ray of sunshine and you have now given me on more project to add to my list🤪. Hope you are well my friend💕

  18. Ann Coleman says:

    Honestly, I’ve never been so tired! Since my daughter and son-in-law shifted to working from home and their daycare closed, I’m providing full-time care for a two-year old grandson. And remembering why I had my own kids over 30 years ago. Good thing I love the little guy so much!

    • Lynn says:

      Oh my Ann, I can certainly understand why you feel so tired. Looking after little ones at our age is filled with so much joy but man, oh man, can they wear us out!

      I am sure your daughter & son-in-law are so incredibly grateful to be able to bring their son to a home they know & trust. Fingers crossed life can return to a more normal pace in the coming days💕

  19. George says:

    LOL….yes, forever is here. We try to balance the cleaning with normal stuff just so we don’t lose our minds. Walks, rides and working out in the year when the weather cooperates. When this is all over, you should invite lots of people over just so they can see and appreciate your hard work..:)

    • Lynn says:

      George, we are the same. In addition to all of my sorting, I try to balance the day with exercise, writing time, connect with friends and loves ones and mind numbing television programs 🤫.

      My husband and I managed to get out for a ride yesterday and today which felt so awesome! Will be writing a littl something about that in the coming days.

      Good news – I am find time to do some regular writing. Finding gratitude in that!

      Hope you are doing well my friend. Stay safe💕

  20. Karen says:

    Same over here Lynn. Lots of spring cleaning. Best score was a box of “ 10 minute root rescue” at the back of the bathroom vanity! Jack is about to learn a new skill! Keep smiling girl!

    • Lynn says:

      Oh man Karen, can you seriously post Jack working in his new skills? Laughing my ass off over here. Thanks for the visit and the smile girlfriend, love having you stop by😘

  21. Hi Lynn, Cupboard cleaning can be dangerous. A few weeks ago while sorting out an under bench kitchen cupboard while straightening up from a squat position I overbalanced. After a week in plaster I was told I needed to have a metal inserted into my wrist! Yes I know. The irony of hurting myself in the kitchen when it could have been when trekking in Nepal or somewhere exotic. So be careful. Louise

  22. Cheryl Marsh says:

    Hi Lynn (& Brian) just found this in my junk folder which I rarely check.
    Wasn’t going to reply but wanted you to know your notes always put a smile I my heart and even going back over old posts add such richness & memories!
    Thank you SO much for sharing in such beautiful ways!!
    PS. Happy Fathers Day Brian.
    Love & hugs & smiles, C xo
    PPS. Hope you’re enjoying your new closets, such a sense of accomplishment.

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