When Life Throws Us a Curve Ball

Despite our best intentions to find balance in our lives,  sometimes life throws us a curve ball we didn’t see coming.

A wild pitch that can throw us off kilter, causing us to dig deep within our ourselves to find the courage to face that challenge, rather than giving in to the urge to duck & run.

With the support of family & friends, we attempt to gather the necessary equipment to help us cope.  To find the strength to continue, to work towards resetting our balance so that we can once again stand upright & get back into the game.

None of us are immune to having curve balls thrown our way, I have received my share of them this past year.  Thankfully, I am blessed with a wonderful support team who keeps tossing equipment into my bag.

I urge you to make yourself part of someone’s support team.  Offer them whatever equipment they might need to reset their balance.  In doing so, it may mean the difference between them falling face first into the dirt or having the ability to dust themselves off & try again.








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38 Responses to When Life Throws Us a Curve Ball

  1. Joanne Sisco says:

    Why do I get the feeling there is a much larger story here? Hope all is well with you, Lynn.

  2. Ingrid says:

    Well said and I can certainly relate. Hope all is well!

  3. Deb Patrick says:

    Wonderful post. Thank you for being one of the people who’ve supported me through some curve ball innings. Your presence has meant a great deal to my journey. And I would be happy to support yours any time, girl. xo

    • Lynn says:

      Happy to be present on your journey & support in whatever way I can! I’ve lost count of what inning we are in or maybe that was the wine🤪

  4. Yes, we all get those curve balls thrown at us, we need to be ready to deal with them. Hope you are okay and surviving whatever has been thrown at you lately.

    • Lynn says:

      Karen, we do indeed! Thanks for continuing to read & take the time to leave a comment. I have been a wee bit absent from writing these days but I am still standing upright!

  5. Beverley l Burgess says:

    Hi Lynn –sorry you’ve been dealt with some curves–I was hit with the ball last month myself in the form of a heart attack but, thankfully my curve is straightening out. Hopefully we’ll both be out on our bikes soon. Take care. Bev

    • Lynn says:

      Oh dear Bev! I am relieved to hear you are mending well & on the road to recovery. Wishing you continued good health my friend & perhaps we’ll see each other out on the road in the near future! Take good care of yourself!

  6. Sue Slaght says:

    Lynn I’m very sorry to hear about your curve balls. Sending strength and hugs your way. Xo

  7. Cheryl Marsh says:

    How appropriate, unfortunately too often! Welcome back Lynn, SO good to hear from you, hope all’s well. Please say hi to all from us.
    Thinking of Kathryn & Eric in Guelph esp. as we prepare to move to neighbouring Cambridge July 21st. Hope you’ll be able to visit when you’re down that way.
    See you before then at Anne & Rich’s!

    Sent from my iPad

    • Lynn says:

      Seems to me you have had a few of those curve balls thrown your way my friend! Wishing you all the best in your move & yes, we will touch base once you are all settled in & see if we can get over for a visit!

  8. Heyjude says:

    I can definitely relate to this post. Hoping balance is resumed soon for all of us!

  9. I love the analogy of having the necessary equipment to cope with life’s curve balls, as well as making sure we fill each other’s gym bags with the equipment they can use. We are all in this together.

  10. Yup life is full of curve balls… All I can say is hopefully “this too shall pass”. Wishing you everything good and positive you wish for yourself.


  11. I hope you are well Lynn! So glad you have that special support team! ❤️

  12. Ann Coleman says:

    You’re so right, we all need to support each other in this life, because those “curve balls” can really catch us off guard. And I’m glad that you have a good support team when you need it. I’m also quite sure that you are a great support for others who need it as well!

    • Lynn says:

      I am blessed to have a wonderful support team Ann❤️ The curve balls sure make life interesting, if nothing else! Thanks for your visit & continuing to read, I know I have been rather absent these days when it comes to writing!

  13. susielindau says:

    I’ve had my share of curve balls over the years, cancer being only a small part. I think it all makes us stronger and more appreciative of when everyone is happy and healthy.
    Hope you are on the upslope soon!

    • Lynn says:

      You sure have Susie! I agree with you that it is often through some of these challenges we face that we come out stronger! I am running up hill girl but I just keep running😂

  14. Such a meaningful post, Lynn, and so true. While I’m sorry the Pitcher has been tossing you curve balls, I’m glad to hear you have a good support crew keeping your equipment bag well supplied. Keep batting. ❤

    • Lynn says:

      Heather, I seemed to have a hit a number of fouls but I promise you, I just keep swinging! Thanks for popping in my friend😘

  15. George says:

    You always seem to say the right things in a condensed and meaningful way, Lynn. This is no exception and of course, it hits home. Your sentiments couldn’t be more spot on. I pray you and your family are well. Keep the faith and try to find humor wherever you can. Both help to keep our heads above water. Stay well.

  16. WendyWu says:

    Truly inspiring and so timely is your encouragement Lynn – bless your beautiful heart ❤. Yes (if you remember me) I am still around on this earth .. trying to find my legs in a way and time like no other from what I will call ” this season’s curveball”.
    Tonight my neighbour friend offered to make me (who’s having trouble eating) a supper of hot chips in her oven ..then appeared at my door under a floral unbrella in the rain in her pink PJ’s with sone free-range eggs to go with the chips. Alongside her gesture to help “keep Wendy alive” for a bit longer came her warm invitation to share her arnchair & heater (& cat) should I need a change of scenery and want company. Yes indeed, my neighbour friend has quietly but surely and intuitively become equipment in my life’s bag that I need more than I ever would have realised. I have also learnt not to be afraid to ask.
    Then there is my nearly-80-year old mother, who after our recent reconciliation has started to appear at my place two days each week ..arriving with whatever I say I need that day .. appearing with sonething yummy I might be tempted to eat like a good ol potato-top pie … and quietly she tackles piles of dishes or laundry that I am running behind with.
    These two are teaching me what it is like to receive of what you are encouraging in your message. My curve-ball feels very painful (& curve-bally ..this part wasn’t supposed to happen to me!). My pride is wounded; my frustrations huge; my failure to grasp a new sense of balance always haunting me .. but what would this all look like without my faithful supporters?
    One person’s act of true kindness can brush away hours worth of disappointment. Thank you to our timely equippers … may I learn to become a better one before my final rest has its day.🌱

    • Lynn says:

      Oh my gosh Wendy, it sounds like life has thrown some major challenges your way. I am so glad you are open to receiving help from those that are attempting to offer their support. I wish you a lighter heart my friend as you face the difficulties of your journey.

  17. restlessjo says:

    I was thinking that George said it so well, Lynn, but then got distracted by Wendy’s sad saga. Some folk seem to get more than their share of fallout, don’t they? I always try to lend an ear or whatever other bit is useful when the bad bits come along. Knowing that your own turn could be just around the corner, there’s no other way is there? I’m glad you’ve bounced back from whatever ills, hon. I think you’d be a great person to have on my team. 🙂 🙂

  18. Lynn says:

    I suspect you would be a very good listener Jo & a wonderful friend to those in need of a little support. I would be only too happy to be included on your team! Thanks for popping by my friend.❤️

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