Hearts Alone

When I met my husband’s family many years ago, I learned very quickly that they were a card playing family.  Euchre was & is their game of choice.

Rather stunned to hear I didn’t know how to play, his grandfather half jokingly, but rather sternly pointed out that if I was going to be part of the family, I had better learn how to play euchre.

And so I did.

As a shy, non card playing 20-year-old, it was rather intimidating to sit & learn the game with this group. They were & still are a family who are very vocal in their card playing shenanigans.

It comes as no surprise then, that our children were taught from a very young age.  Playing euchre in this family is just a given.  At pretty much every family function over the years, the cards come out, sometimes spanning 4 generations at the table.

LAM’s Daddy at the table with his Great Grandma, his Grandpa, his Auntie & his Dad.

And so it seems only natural our wee LAM is next in line to learn.  As I sat watching her in her Grandpa’s lap, cards in hand, I couldn’t help but think of the number of times she too, will find herself around the table with family, discovering the game her Great, Great Grandfather taught me how to play all those years ago.

I am sure he would be absolutely chuffed to bits to know that despite his absence, his legacy lives on as we continue to share the tradition he so loved with his family.

Holy Crap Grandpa, “I think we’ve got Hearts Alone”!


L/Grandma L😘❤

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38 Responses to Hearts Alone

  1. Ally Bean says:

    Wonderful photos. Such cuteness!

  2. restlessjo says:

    Now you can’t just leave me up in the air, Lynn! I need to know how this game is played. Else how can I start a family tradition? 🙂 🙂

  3. Carolyn says:

    Absolutely love your recent post Lynn! Lucy looks like she could get quite excited about the game. I was just thinking that I will have to learn. Our family card game is cribbage. Many New Brunswick winter evenings in my youth were spent around a crib board.

  4. Emilio Pasquale says:

    When I met my Lynn’s family, I found out they were into playing all kinds of board games at all family gatherings. I hate board games. While dating, I would begrudgingly play. Now that we’ve been married (next month will be) 5 years, I no longer play.

  5. I developed a love of card games at an early age with my parents – we played canasta and pinochle. My husband was raised playing cards as well – some German games that he taught to me and to our daughter. It’s a wonderful way to spend time with family and friends. We never played Euchre but I’m sure it is a fun game. How wonderful to pass this tradition on to the next generations!

  6. I have to admit I too have zero knowledge of this game, but we have always played tons of scrabble and tile rummy as a family. Very cute pics! And I do love the idea of continuing family traditions especially fun ones like this!


    • Lynn says:

      I have friends who love to play scrabble on our girls weekend! I still think there is something special about sitting around a table as a family & playing games. Good old fashioned fun!

  7. Jodi says:

    Oh be still my Grandma heart! ❤

  8. I don’t know that game, but I love sitting around a table with family or a group of friends playing cards or a board game. What a lovely tradition!

    • Lynn says:

      Me too! We have passed many hours over the years as a family, gathering around a table to play a game. Lots & lots of wonderful memories!

  9. She’s adorable!
    My family was also a card playing family. Dad taught me how to count via Blackjack. We play many games tho. I think my fav is cribbage, but good ol gin rummy is also fun.

  10. As soon as we kids were old enough to hold a hand of cards, Mom taught us how to play Crazy 8’s. We moved on from there to Gin Rummy and Hearts. A little later, it was Euchre. I played that game for years and years. Nothing like the rush of play a hand “alone.” (Love your post title, by the way!)

    I regret, a little bit, that my husband feels that playing cards is a waste of time. I miss it.

    • Lynn says:

      Oh yes, crazy 8’s! That sure brings back memories as a kid. That’s kind of sad that your husband doesn’t like to play, given your enthusiasm of the feeling of a lone hand. Perhaps you could source a card group to play with!

  11. Proud Grandpa with one cute kid! Great picture.

  12. roseanna vachon says:

    Hi Lynn. Could you please change my email address to roseannavachon@gmail.com. Thks.


    • Lynn says:

      Roseanna, I don’t think I have the ability to do that as you have ownership of your own email. I might be able to delete your old address from my followers. If you don’t mind, can you re follow with your new email address & once I receive notification of that, I can try to delete your old one?

  13. Ann Coleman says:

    I can relate to this post so much, because my in-laws also played Euchre! (As well as poker.) Personally, I found it a bit difficult to learn, mostly because I was so worried about making a mistake. But now my husband and I play regularly with some good friends, and of course the extended family plays together too. What a nice tradition to pass down!

    • Lynn says:

      It can be a bit complicated until you have a good understanding of the game. I totally understand how you might have felt intimidated Ann. Thankfully, although my husband’s family had been playing for some time when I arrived on the scene, they were always patient with me when I was learning. They are a boisterous bunch when they play which is what I found most intimidating at first. Now I don’t even give it a second thought. Guess that comes with 34 years of marriage!

  14. George says:

    What a great story and photos, Lynn😊
    Cards are a great way to get the family together and learn how arguing and teasing can be fun.😊 Of course you need the right “mix” of people. Having multiple generations is just a pure gift of love. I’m sure LAM will appreciate this photo one day..:)

  15. Lovely post Lynn. I didn’t grow up in a card-playing family, but when Terri and I started dating I would join her family around the kitchen dining table for some take-no-prisoners penny poker. Terri’s younger sister Nancy has taken more of my pennies than I can count. These are wonderful memories. ~James

    • Lynn says:

      I am chuckling to myself picturing Terri’s sister taking all of your pennies! Sounds like her family is very much like my husband’s 🤣

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