Knee Deep In It

I found myself in a funny predicament recently when visiting my son, daughter in law & my granddaughter for a few days.  Funny, that is, if you happened to be a bystander watching me & the comedy show that ensued.

In an attempt to offer Mom, my daughter in law, a bit of time to herself, I set out to take our wee LAM for a nice, long walk.

You see, our precious girl is not so fond of sleep these days, preferring instead to wake after a half hour or so, regardless of how tired she is.  My mission?  To have her nap last longer than 20 minutes, ideally working towards the 2 hour mark!


Me with the baby on my front & lots & lots of snow!

Suiting up with my granddaughter strapped to my body in a carrier, and the dog at my side, we made our way to the dog park, in the hopes of the fresh air lulling our wee gal into a deep sleep.

Having received about 2 feet of fresh snow in the area, walking was a bit of a challenge but with the sun shining & high hopes of giving Mom a break, we set off on our little adventure.

Grandma, grand baby & grand dog, making their way to the dog park.  We were a happy lot for the first little while.

LAM fell asleep without much fussing & seemed quite content against my increasingly, sweating body. Fozz (the dog) was elated to be running in the dog park, & seemed unfazed as he frolicked in the snow up to his chest.

As for Grandma, the fresh air, the beautiful snow & the opportunity to have my precious LAM sleeping blissfully against my chest, filled my heart with absolute contentment.

Hurry up Grandma!

Hurry up Grandma!

After a beautiful walk, I was feeling victorious as we were approaching the 2 hour mark.

This is when the comedy show began.  Deciding it was time to head home, we began making our way back to the gate of the dog park, when I inadvertently stepped off the beaten path.

Into snow above my knees.  With a baby strapped to the front of me.

The dog took this as a cue that I wanted to play, thinking I had purposely dropped to my knees to engage at his level.  Running circles around me excitedly, I waved him away, quietly muttering, “no Fozz”, trying not to wake the baby as I struggled to get myself up.

As I stood there knee-deep in snow, I couldn’t help but thinking I should be yelling “MAN DOWN!”  I did not, for fear I would wake the baby.

With LAM now starting to fuss, I somehow managed to work my way to a small little tree sticking up out of the snow, just big enough to grab hold of the trunk to use as leverage to pull myself up.

The baby was nice & dry; I was not.

Covered in snow with the dog still running circles around me, I watched in utter panic as he ran right out the gate of the fenced dog park, which was pried open because of all of the accumulated snow.

FUCK!  Crap!  Now fearing I would lose the dog, I willed my feet to act like snow shoes, as I gingerly made my way back to the main path, all the while gently bouncing & shushing the baby, & cursing the dog under my breath.

Making a b-line for the gate to capture the dog & trying not to raise my voice in a panicked tone, the stars aligned for a brief moment as the dog came to stand beside me so that I could put on his leash.

As I attempted to fumble with his leash with my snow laden mittens, Fozz noticed a dog he didn’t particularly like, & lunged forward pulling me down to my knees once again.  I think it was at this point a passerby asked if they could help.

Being the stubborn mule I am & determined to get myself together, I politely said, “no thank you, I’m good!”  Finally managing to right myself, I chuckled most of the way home, thinking of how I must have looked to any onlooker who happened to witness my shenanigans!

I am sure this is not the last time this Grandma will find herself knee-deep in it, in some sort of comical predicament.  The good news is, baby, dog & Grandma, all managed to survive the ordeal unscathed, although admittedly, cocktail hour may have come early that day!

See, she is as right as rain❤❤❤

See, she is as right as rain❤❤❤

Wishing you a wonderful day.




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74 Responses to Knee Deep In It

  1. Ingrid says:

    Thanks for a little entertainment this morning. And remember, it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere 😄

  2. Joanne Sisco says:

    And I’m guessing that sleep never felt so good for Grandma, too 🙂

    I could picture this ordeal with a little squishy furnace strapped to your chest! ❤

  3. That is hilarious! Glad you are all okay and I hope everyone got a good rest.

  4. Jane says:

    Great story Lynn! A wonderful way to give mom a break & grandma some sought after snuggle time.

  5. Super story, Lynn. I had to laugh since I’ve found myself chasing dog and kids all over the place. Funny how dogs can sense when you are in some predicament. Glad it all worked out.

  6. BoomingOn says:

    Haha! I hadn’t imagined the perils of snow when walking with a grandbub. My biggest challenge (in Oz) is managing to keep the umbrella at the correct angle to keep the burning sun off bubba as we walk with him strapped to me.

    • Lynn says:

      I wish I could have take a picture of the pickle I was in but was too busy just trying to heave my body up out of the snow!

      Yes, I understand you have has some pretty hot temperatures down there in Oz! Hopefully we will have graduated to the stroller when summer comes to Canada!

  7. Being a Grandma is one long adventure, my 3 year old grandson called me this evening and said, I have my space suit on Gran, can you see it?
    When I replied ,No, as we were using a landline phone and not Skype he replied with,

    ‘Well look closer!’ Enjoy all your adventures

  8. Heyjude says:

    I am always more nervous when in charge of the grandkids than I ever was as a Mom. I’m glad you all came to no harm!

  9. Sue Slaght says:

    Oh I laughed so hard Lynn. I totally could feel you wanting to say @&$! Good job to keep it together. Your precious bundle is adorable.

  10. Beverley l Burgess says:

    Poor you Sue!!! Taylan just sent me your blog and I can picture the whole event happening as we had a similar situation in our backyard. Tim and Taylan in snowshoes walking Madeline in a wagon fitted with skiis and of course there is Murphy (their dog) when the wagon tipped over!!! Both parents tried vallantly to rush to the wagon–not a good scene in snowshoes–Murphy is tangling everybody up and all this Grnadma could do was laugh…. everyone was fine and we continued our walk –this time Tim carried Maddie in a baby carrier!!!

    • Lynn says:

      Bev, thanks so much for sharing your hysterical story & for taking the time to read & leave a comment. So glad Taylan shared this with you!💛

  11. Having recently endured a snowbank episode of my own, I can totally relate to your predicament. And if a passerby had, um, passed by, I think I would have been torn between weeping with relief that my hero had arrived to responding as you did – “Nope, I’m good. Just testing the thermal properties of my new down-filled winter wear. Carry on! For I would have been worried that now two of us, or rather, two plus a grandchild were now moored in the dang gum snow.

    A fun read, and I’m glad you survived to tell the tale.

    • Lynn says:

      Maggie, what is it about our stubborn pride that causes us to feel we need to handle things without assistance🤔 Love your response to your passerby! Thanks so much for sharing!

  12. Too funny. A.f.t.e.r. the fact. Cocktail? How about a nap after all that fresh air and exercise. o_O I began yawning just before you went down up to your knees. 😛 😛

  13. Too funny! I can picture Fozz running circles around you wanting to play. Your grandbaby is adorable and certainly looks no worse for the ordeal.

  14. Jodi says:

    LOL! I’m thinking how fun this will be for you to share with Lam when she is older. She will see how fun her Grandma is and how much she loves her! She is adorable!!!!!!

  15. Roseanna Vachon says:

    You really made me smile. Lol

  16. Ann Coleman says:

    That’s a family story that will be retold many times! I couldn’t stop smiling as I read this post…

  17. Lynn! this was so hilarious! So glad you are ok dear

  18. restlessjo says:

    Well, you passed the test, got the certificate, and I think they’ll let you do it all over again, Lynn 🙂 I’ll wish for you a grand thaw.

  19. Lynn, simply walking in knee-deep snow sounds challenging enough for this wimpy southerner, forget about doing it with a baby strapped on as well. This will make a great tale to tell LAM when she’s a bit older. And if it were me, I’d embellish a bit with a polar bear in the dog park – just to keep the story lively. ~James

    • Lynn says:

      Lol, James, you are too funny! Although Ottawa is more northern in the province of Ontario, I am not sure even our wee LAM would buy into running across a polar bear at the dog park! Thanks so much for the chuckle!

  20. LB says:

    Lynn, I found myself exclaiming out loud, and then chuckling, too. What a story!
    I’m impressed that you didn’t end up flat out in the snow.
    Thank goodness for cocktails 🙂
    LAM is precious! Here’s to better sleeping soon!

  21. What a terrific story so well told and had me grinning from ear to ear the whole way through. Well, at least the little one finally got a long sleep!


  22. dfolstad58 says:

    Contentment and humor in one day, riches!

  23. Lynn I haven’t caught up with your blog for a while and am so pleased this post features your precious granddaughter. My she looks way too awake in that photo for her own good. Well done in getting her to sleep and staying calm. Isn’t funny how events that happen which make you want to cry or scream at the time, make the best stories AFTERWARDS.

  24. I was panicking just reading this – all seemed so real to me! What a great MIL you are❤️

    • Lynn says:

      Trust me, there was definitely a moment of panic, until I laughed myself silly over the the situation! Thank you, for your very kind words!

  25. George says:

    Please tell me someone taped all this😊

  26. handsomebeauty blog says:

    becoming a grandma is a beautiful experience

  27. I am glad you all came through safely. Yet another reason why Oz is one of the best places in the world to live – deep snow is just not a problem – lol!

  28. Reblogged this on lynz real cooking and commented:
    I had to share this! Lynn has a wonderful blog!

  29. blondieaka says:

    You have left me with a mental picture and after all was said and done slept peacefully and totally unaware of the dramas methinks 🙂 And it was definitely 5′ oclock and well deserved 🙂

    • Lynn says:

      Yes, she was none the wiser! Grandma, on the other hand, was in a bit of sweat, but our wee LAM was blissfully content! Thank you so much for visiting.

  30. Bernadette says:

    Adorable baby and you were great keeping your sense of humor. I seem to panic more when it involves my grands. I tell them “I promised to bring you home in the same shape that I got you today.” They think that it very amusing.😓

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