South Africa – Cape Town – Getting Settled

Africa has long been on my list of places to visit.  And so it was with much anticipation & excitement that my daughter & I had the pleasure of exploring a tiny piece of this massive continent, the southwestern tip of South Africa.

Our first stop – Cape Town.  Arriving late in the evening after a 12 hour flight from Amsterdam, we were incredibly grateful that our gracious host from the property we were renting, had offered to pick us up at the airport.  The combination of jet lag, not knowing where we were going & the fact that they drive on the opposite side of the road, all seemed like very good reasons to take Michael (our host) up on his generous offer!

Before heading to our rental, Michael suggested if we weren’t too tired, we take a drive up to Signal Hill, given that it was such a beautiful night.  The view at night is spectacular, the coastline lit up like a million twinkling little stars.  A definite must to see, if you are visiting & have the chance to go.  Regrettably, I neglected to pull out my camera to take a night shot so you will have to google it or just trust me on this one!

cape-peninsula-mapThe Western coast of South Africa is dotted with a number of beautiful communities all along the coastline.

Upon recommendation from a friend familiar with the area, we opted to stay in Camp’s Bay.

Sitting just below majestic Table Mountain, Camp’s Bay is a beautiful suburb of Cape Town, easily accessible to the city center.

Booking through airbnb, we chose a lovely 2 bedroom apartment with a fantastic location. Our balcony faced the ocean, with only a half a block walk to the water.

View from our balcony

View from our balcony

If you are heading to this area for a visit, I would highly recommend this property or any other property Michael manages.  He is a fantastic host, very quick to respond to any questions or concerns that might arise & goes above & beyond in ensuring his guests are happy.

As an added bonus, having lived in this area for the better part of his life, Michael is only too happy to share his wealth of knowledge of the beautiful area he calls home, often referring to himself as a frustrated tour guide!

View behind our apartment.

View behind our apartment.

There is no shortage of things to do and see in Cape Town & the surrounding area.

Having only 5 nights & 4 days to explore this area, we had a packed itinerary, making our best attempt at covering off our list of things we hoped to cover during our stay.

After so much travel, we decided to have a bit of quiet day our first day, spending time getting a few groceries & exploring the waterfront at Camp’s Bay.


Waves crashing in at beach in Camp’s Bay

Can you spot the surfer?

Can you spot the surfer?

Although the water was a bit cold for swimming this time of year, it didn’t stop us from taking a lovely walk along the beach & dipping our toes in the ocean.

K, testing how cold the water is.

K, testing how cold the water is.


All smiles before swept away by a wave.

As we were taking this shot to the right, a massive wave came crashing in, soaking us to the knees.

Sending us into loud squeals & fits of laughter, with sand stuck like glue to our feet, we decided to made a quick dash back to the apartment for a rinse before continuing on our walk.

Walking from Camp’s Bay to Clifton, your eye is met with beautiful vistas in every direction you turn.


From Clifton, looking back towards Camp’s Bay. The darker colour building on the left is where our apartment was.

After returning from our walk, we thought we would pop in to one of the lovely establishments along the waterfront in Camp’s Bay, for a wee snack.



There are a number of dining options along this strip.  Any of the ones we visited, the food was delicious & very reasonably priced.  Our favourite meal was at Col’Cacchio.  Check it out if happen to be in the area.

Next up on our itinerary, a city cycle tour & a visit to Robben Island….or maybe not.



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47 Responses to South Africa – Cape Town – Getting Settled

  1. George says:

    Great photos, Lynn. I didn’t realize it was so beautiful there and the views from your room were really nice. Oh, and the food looked welcoming also..:)

  2. Jodi says:

    Oh Lynn! So so so lovely!

  3. Ingrid says:

    A couple of hot gals! Mother daughter trips are the best. I’m long overdo to take a trip with my daughter. How fantastic!

    • Lynn says:

      Ingrid, this trip was such s gift. To experience South Africa together was absolutely awesome!❤️ Hope you too, have an opportunity to have a runaway with your daughter .

  4. Sue Slaght says:

    So happy to see this post Lynn! Thanks ever so much for the recommendation and we have now booked for 3 nights at this property next year with our friends. Your photos of the beach and view crank up my wanderlust meter that’s for certain. Can’t wait!

    • Lynn says:

      There will definitely more forthcoming Sue! Lots to write about. How wonderful that you & your friends have booked this property! You will not be disappointed. The location is fantastic & the apartment itself has everything one needs when travelling. When are you going?

  5. Amazing photos and post Lynn! Thanks for sharing this!

  6. Joanne Sisco says:

    Glad we’re finally starting to get some details from your trip!!

    I can relate so much to your comment about not taking out your camera for a photo of the night view. It seems we get so engrossed in the moment, we don’t think of the camera. I guess that’s actually very positive, isn’t it? 🙂

    It looks so beautiful – a magical combination of mountains and ocean. Looking forward to more!

    • Lynn says:

      Although I would have loved to have that shot, there are times when we truly just need to take it all in & not view something so beautiful through the lens of a camera.

      Lots more to come!😃

  7. I’m gobsmacked. Wow. Magnificent photos. The colors are crushingly superb. I’m at a loss for words. Sounds heavenly. ❤ ❤ ❤

  8. Heyjude says:

    Makes me feel quite nostalgic. Your photo of the twelve apostles is lovely and the food sublime. I told you that water is cold! It is ALL year round, stand in it for too long and your feet turn as blue as the sky 🙂

    Signal hill used to be just a hill with a view, no car park or anything. It was a place where lovers used to meet – very romantic.

    • Lynn says:

      You were right Jude! So cold! When we drove up to Signal Hill, there were are number of cars parked along the road all the way up. I suspect it is still a place for romance!

  9. Al says:

    What fantastic pictures of a fantastic trip. You make it look irresistible.

  10. Ann Coleman says:

    My niece was lucky enough to do a short internship in Capetown, and her photos of it made me realize how beautiful the area is. I loved your photos as well, and am so glad that you got the chance to visit!

  11. James says:

    Really great pictures Lynn! We only passed through Camps Bay on a tour while we were in Cape Town but would have loved to had some more time there. It looked incredible. Look forward to reading more.

  12. LB says:

    YAY! We finally get to hear about your travels!
    I’d forgotten where the two of you were headed, so it was a nice surprise to see South Africa. Thank you for including the map as it really helped me to get a feel for where you were. What incredible views, and that water! Wow!!
    I can almost FEEL your contenment at being in such a gorgeous place, with your daughter, exploring all that a new place has to offer.

  13. Ahhhh good old Cape Town. Most beautiful city ever! Having spent vacations nearly every year in the Cape and I have to say the water on that side…Camps Bay, Clifton is always freezing year round. For warmer waters head to the other side near Muizenburg.

    Your photos brought back lovely memories.


  14. restlessjo says:

    Superb location, Lynn! If my budget ever runs to South Africa I will keep Michael in mind. I’m dreaming 🙂 🙂

  15. Greta Lamfel says:

    I love this article on Cape Town, thanks for sharing with us, Lynn.
    It is a beautiful place and cannot wait to add it to my local places to visit (I reside in South Africa)

    • Lynn says:

      Greta, you are most welcome! Cape Town is a gorgeous area, one that is absolutely worth exploring! A friend of mine used to live in S.A. & highly recommended we spend some time there on our travels. What area of South Africa do you live in?

  16. Looks BEAUTIFUL!!! On my list of places to visit!!

  17. loravenkova13 says:

    Nice photos!

  18. osumareokin says:

    Great stuff to blog about… Learning from you…

  19. itscarlabubs says:

    Awesome! So glad you loved Cape Town 😊

  20. Estliana says:

    Great article written on your trip in our wonderful country. You have a talent to do this kind of travel blogging. Keep up the good work. I enjoyed reading

  21. Woow …
    So nice i hope to visit Cape town soon.

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