What’s going on

Only love can conquer hate. Marvin Gaye.

Last night, I stumbled across a beautiful rendition of this classic song,  What’s Going On. Artists from various parts of the world, working together in a unique & collective way,  to deliver a beautiful & powerful message.

With so much hate in the headlines these days, it seems we could all benefit from a little more love.  I urge you have a listen & pass it along.

Wishing you a happy weekend my friends!



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29 Responses to What’s going on

  1. Great version …maybe a new theme song for the US election?

    • Lynn says:

      Lord knows a little more love & tolerance could be given to our neighbours to the south😘

      • LB says:

        As one of your neighbors to the South, please know what we are deeply embarrassed, and in fact, appalled by the headlines out of our country. Horrible!!!!
        This is a great version of What’s Goin’ On. Thanks for sharing!

      • Lynn says:

        Laurie, I am so saddened by everything going on in the world today. I have said it before, I feel like we are taking giant steps back in time when it comes to tolerance & treatment of others who may differ from ourselves. It frightens me to hear Trump spew the words that he does, fuelling such hatred as a potential leader of a super power country. Even more scarey is that people actually buy into his act🙁.

        Thank you for your comment my friend & for taking the time to listen. Sending you love❤️

  2. Paul says:

    wonderful song Lynn – have a great weekend yourself.

  3. Cheryl Marsh says:

    [😊]Amen!! tx

    cheers, God bless – have a great day!

    love, c xo

    Cheryl Marsh


  4. Bethanyk says:

    I love marvin gaye

  5. joannesisco says:

    I love these collaborations!

  6. Anita Miehe says:

    Just beautiful Lynn, thank you. xo

  7. Ann Coleman says:

    Thanks for this song, Lynn! We all needed it.

  8. Ahdad says:

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  9. susielindau says:

    I’ve been scratching my head and wondering the same thing. It’s like a crazy movie where people are contaminated and go nuts! Scary…

  10. badfish says:

    Whoa, that was a cool rendition, loved the various musicians from everywhere. And especially the Novi Sad String Trio…I was in Novi Sad a while back, and loved it…that’s the Danube River in their background!

    • Lynn says:

      Thanks for so much for listening . I thought it was such a beautiful way for artists to collectively deliver these timeless words💛

  11. Peta Kaplan says:

    This brightens my day! Beautiful voices.
    I love the global approach. Being originally from South Africa I appreciate and enjoy the inclusion.


    • Lynn says:

      I am glad it brought a little brightness to your day😃 Interesting that you should mention your South African roots Peta, my daughter & I are travelling the end of this month!

  12. Sue Slaght says:

    Lynn I’m sorry I missed this post. I think it may have been during my Saskatchewan visit. As I’m writing I have the song playing. It makes me smile and lifts my spirits. The media headlines, make me think the song should be mandatory around the world at the start of each day. I love the international creative collaboration.

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