Last Man Standing

The Beautiful Couple

The Beautiful Couple

In the next few months, our very handsome nephew & his beautiful bride with exchange “I do’s”, marking the last of our 4 to be married.

Our last man standing.

One of the very first posts I wrote, was about my beautiful niece & her journey into motherhood.

It seemed only fitting my nephew receive equal billing on the blog.

For this sappy old gal, milestones like these always cause me to reflect on days gone by, reminding me of how very quickly time passes.

Because we had the benefit of living in the same town as our only niece & nephew, our children grew up together, sharing a unique bond, feeling more like siblings, than cousins.

Early Days

Early Days

It seems like only yesterday we were welcoming this handsome devil into our family.  Little did we know the joy & the laughter he would bring to our lives.

With our nephew now residing a few provinces away, it is a rare occasion for us to all be together as a family these days, but recently we received a precious gift with an impromptu visit home.  Gathering together, the inevitable flow of stories began.

The tales & shenanigans are endless, but in honour of my nephew’s upcoming milestone, I thought it fitting to share one of my personal favourites.

Our boys developed a deep friendship, sparring as brothers sometimes do, but never for more than a moment or two.

With both of the boys sporting a somewhat competitive nature, their friendly tussles sometimes developed into what appeared to be, a fight to the death.

The re-enactment!

The re-enactment!

Sharing a fixation for WWF (now WWE), they could often be found taking it to the mat.

This was how we found them on our front lawn one summer day, red-faced & in what can only be described, as a death grip.

Don’t let that smile on the face fool you.  I have no proof of the original incident. This was  a re-enactment a few years later, most likely mocking me for the day I grounded them from WWF!

Screaming at each other to tag out, neither one was willing to give in, preferring instead to remain in this position until the end of time.

As I stood there hollering like a lunatic, begging them to knock if off, my appeal to their good sense fell on deaf ears.

As it so happened,  my husband was quietly working away on a garden nearby, seemingly unconcerned that our boys were about to lose consciousness as a result of holding each other in headlock.  I suppose his nonchalance was due to the fact that he too, had grown up with a brother, thus recognising this to be nothing more than an overabundance of testosterone!

Suggesting to him that someone was going to the hospital if we didn’t break up the wrestling move, he stepped in & separated the boys.  He was most likely more concerned about suffering the wrath of me, than of the boys hurting themselves!

As limbs untangled & blood rushed back into body parts, I stood in my best power stance. Hands on my hips, I proclaimed there would be no more WWF in our house for the forseeable future!  All things resembling anything WWF were all but thrown out!

I am not sure how long I stuck to my guns but my son does remember this “punishment” to this day!

This of course, was not the first, nor would it be the last time they would challenge my parental skills!

Fast forward a few years & we are now preparing for the last of our four to be married.

I think time is the thing that has most surprised me as a parent.  When your children are young, it seems a lifetime away before they fly the nest.  Looking back, it feels like the clock worked through all of those years in warp speed.

I am so grateful for these four beautiful people being in my life.  Filling my days with a lifetime of parenting moments, gifting  me more stories than I can remember, making me laugh until my sides hurt, & most importantly, giving me the opportunity to watch you grow & prosper to become the incredible adults you are.

My dear nephew, as you approach this very special milestone, I wish you & “J” a lifetime of absolute joy, the patience to work through life’s challenges, & the benefit of one day having children to fill your hearts with love overflowing, just as you have done with mine.


I love you more than words can say!


Aunt Lynn



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40 Responses to Last Man Standing

  1. joannesisco says:

    How lucky for your children, and for you, that their cousins were nearby and a part of their lives from an early age! The deep friendships made with cousins are very special!

    The last one is now marrying, but is it possible you can now soon start to look forward to the next generation? 🙂

  2. Ingrid says:

    Beautiful children. Special memories and special times. We moved far away from family when my children were little so they never developed a close relationship with their cousins, my sister’s three kids. Her eldest son is getting married this August – the first of the five.
    Congratulations to all 🙂

    • Lynn says:

      Thank you Ingrid. We were so fortunate, as were our children to have lived very close to one another, thus growing up together. Wishing your nephew a wonderful wedding day in August❤️

  3. Sue Slaght says:

    What a fabulous tribute you have given Aunt Lynn. I was chuckling away thinking of you standing over the death grip extravaganza with hands on your hips. I am sending best wishes to you nephew and his bride to be. May they have a long and happy life together and blessed with WWF wrestlers of their own.

  4. Aw, this is so nice, Lynn, and I do know how close you can be to nephews or nieces. I love my like I gave birth to them…

  5. It’s wonderful when cousins know each other through life and share life experiences together. A heartwarming story and a wonderful tribute to the last one standing. ❤ ❤ ❤

  6. Jodi says:

    oh lynn! so sweet 🙂

  7. How lucky they were to have cousins so close. My boys have regular contact with two of their cousins (also boys). They are quite a bit older (my eldest nephew was born when I was 18) and sometimes feel more like younger brothers to me than nephews but they have been wonderful role models for my boys. There’s something special about close relationships with extended family. Wishing your nephew and soon-to-be niece all the best.

    • Lynn says:

      Having family close by was such a gift in so many ways Heather. The kids are a little more spread out now but it is so wonderful when they are all home together.

      Is there an age gap between you & your sibling? I am sure when the 4 get boys together, there is much laughter & craziness.

  8. how wonderful to have your family close by. I read this and loved each word. congratulations on the upcoming nuptials. I know this time will be so much fun for all. What a great post, I wish there was a love button, because, I truly loved this piece. Thank you for sharing with us Lynn.

  9. restlessjo says:

    Oh, Aunt Lynn! That’s a tearjerker 🙂 🙂
    Happy Easter to you!

  10. Paul says:

    Your pride and joy is palpable Lynn. Congratulations! It is such a wonder to see them grow up and enjoy their lives. here’s to Health and Happiness!

    • Lynn says:

      Thank you so much Paul. I have often said, it is one thing to love your children, it is quite another to truly really like who they are. Theses four are top notch in my books!❤️

  11. Ann Coleman says:

    How lucky your son was to grow up with his cousin! And congratulations on your nephew’s upcoming wedding!

  12. LB says:

    Lynn, I was smiling the whole time I was reading this post.
    So much joy, and so many wonderful memories!
    How fortunate “the 4” are to have been raised together, like siblings.
    Lovely post!

  13. Congrats to them and the whole family on the upcoming happy event.

  14. susielindau says:

    The joys of testosterone. Luckily, my son only had my daughter to spar with so they always used words after their terrible two’s that is.
    Love the photo. That should be in the wedding slide show. Ha!

    • Lynn says:

      For the most part, the boys always got along famously. It was only in these competitive moments where the testosterone seemed to take over common sense!

  15. This is lovely. Well done.

  16. Susie sent me over. It’s lovely that your family has stayed so close! I couldn’t get through this without crying, though. I’m not as far along the path of parenting milestones as you are, but with one about to graduate high school I am definitely feeling the swift passage of time.

    • Lynn says:

      Lovely to have you visit Audrey! It is one of the things we parents cannot stop, isn’t it? The passage of time. It seems to speed up with each year that passes.

      Thank you so much for reading & taking the time to comment. I so appreciate it!

  17. Such a beautiful post :-). Just stopping through from Susie’s party. Congratulations to your nephew!

  18. Is it getting older that makes us more aware of these milestones in our lives? A lovely tribute to your nephew.

    • Lynn says:

      I do think as we age we recognize how very precious time is, appreciating all those precious milestones, past, present & future. Thank you for your kinds words🙂

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