From the sidelines

I haven’t received word there is an unexpected bun in the oven, so it looks like I am heading for surgery as planned.

My right shoulder has been giving me grief over the last number of months, preventing me from participating in all of the things I love to do.

The cause is most likely old age, combined with a lifetime of tumbles.  Falling off of my bike, high dives out of my skis, being thrown from the odd horse & enough klutzy wipeouts to make even The Three Stooges appear graceful.

Apparently there is a cost to all of this frivolity; in my case, a not-so-happy shoulder.

Without the use of my right hand/arm over the next few weeks, I will likely be spending the better part my days just trying to figure out how to pull up my pants.  My typing skills will be less than ideal, which means I will have to keep comments to a minimum until I am back on track.

Rest assured, I have not fallen off of the face of the planet.  In between pulling up my britches, I shall be on the sidelines, reading & enjoying all of your writings as I mend. With the help of some good physio & heavy-duty pain medication, I hope to be back in the game in no time!

Until then, take good care of yourselves.  Wishing you beautiful, blue sky days ahead & for those of you exploring different parts of this amazing planet, I wish you incredible adventures & safe travels.



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27 Responses to From the sidelines

  1. joannesisco says:

    Best wishes Lynn. I’ll be thinking about you today and sending you positive thoughts for your recovery 🙂

  2. karen says:

    good luck with your surgery and a quick recovery xo

  3. west517 says:

    Best best wishes for a speedy, healthy recovery!!

  4. Teresa says:

    Best of luck!!! I had [left] hand reconstructive surgery on Monday and have giant cast on my arm, but can still type and use voice recognition; although I can’t peel potatoes or open a pill jar 🙂 Pulling up your pants? Just don’t wear pants for a while hehe. You’ll get the hang of it quickly, except maybe the “toileting” will take a while to get used to with your right arm (left wipe just isn’t the same) 🙂
    Happy Healing!

  5. Jodi says:

    wishing you a successful surgery and speedy recovery Lynn!

  6. Good luck and get well soon.

  7. Just keep thinking about how much better you’ll be after all this is over! Good luck and speedy recovery.

  8. Good luck with your surgery. I am sure you will be back to regular activities in no time. I’ll look forward to your next post.

  9. Best to you. Quick, easy recovery.

  10. Deb Patrick says:

    Best of luck for a speedy recovery Lynn! I know you’ll make the most of the “involuntary vacation”!

  11. 7daysatatyme says:

    Much good luck to you with your surgery Lynn. It will be behind you before you know it. No pun intended on the “behind” remark. I had right hand carpal tunnel surgery and just let me say had I known how much “fun” it was to use your left hand for personal things, yes like “wiping” I would have practiced before hand. Practice makes perfect they say but I would have settled for mediocre! 😕 It will give you something to laugh about during and after. I’m sure you will come through this with all your flags flying! Take care. Darla

  12. will be praying for your surgery and recovery. Hubby has had shoulder surgery several times, the worst is the first couple of days, but the results are always so worth it in the end. Know you will be in my thoughts and prayers during this time. Take good care of yourself and do what you are told to do!

  13. Lael says:

    Thinking of you and wishing you well!
    Try stretchy pants, ha ha, easy to pull up and hey, you know now that I think of it, I do believe a medical supply store might have something to assist you with that should you find the thing thing difficult. You could always just lounge about in a robe. Who needs pants anyway! ?

  14. roseanna vachon says:

    Could luck with your surgery. Hoping for a speedy recovery. Hugs.

    Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone on the Rogers network.

  15. A.PROMPTreply says:

    Best wishes for an easy and quick recovery….and hey, until you’ve recovered you can at least be happy that you aren’t back at the starting gate with a bun in the oven and a dodgy shoulder as well, eh? LOL.

  16. Ingrid says:

    Best of luck that all goes well and the fix is as good as new.

  17. Jeff Bell says:

    Best of luck on your surgery, but it sounds like you at least earned the injury through fun activities.

  18. Sue Slaght says:

    Sending positive energy and very best wishes your way Lynn. Hoping your recovery is smooth and steady. Big hugs. Xo

  19. Ahdad says:

    Best wishes Lynn! Here’s me wishing you a speedy recovery so you can enjoy even more of life’s little tumbles. Gonna miss ya…

  20. I wish you a speedy recovery. My other half has been going through this for a few months. He finds it difficult to rest. But it is slowly improving.

  21. Sending healing thoughts. Hope you’re feeling well soon!

  22. Nirodaigh says:

    Good luck with it all, and just go slow. You are allowed to. I think the stretchy pants option is a goodie, or do what I did last year and live in PJs for a while… Very pleasurable.

  23. Ann Coleman says:

    Best wishes for a speedy and full recovery!

  24. Surgery is no fun but in this case seems necessary. My left shoulder has been ‘frozen’ for years. I can never raise my left arm over my head, but why should I? :-0 Thinking of you and hoping you heal quickly!

  25. As one recovering injuree to another, you have my sympathy and good wishes for a recovery that is fast and painless.

  26. restlessjo says:

    I kind of want to ask what needs to be done, and I kind of don’t… because I’m very squeamish 😦 But I hope it’s not too long before you’re a new woman, Lynn. 🙂 No hugs, just blowing kisses xx

  27. LB says:

    As I check in 4 days after you’ve posted (and glad to hear that you will not be putting a nursery together), I’m unsure if you’ve had surgery yet. I wish you the best of success and recovery.
    Healing thoughts, Lynn, and know that the WP community is pulling for you!

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