Score one for the farmer!

Every year my husband painstakingly grows sunflowers from seed.  I think he may have been a farmer in a former life.

The chances of the sunflowers reaching their full potential, are kind of like winning the lottery.  This has nothing to do with his ability & everything to do with mother nature.

As the little seeds sprout, elaborate, tiny fencing is built out of chicken wire, surrounding the precious seedlings as they are moved outside to soak in the sun & brave the outdoors.

A battle of wills commences.  One between the farmer (my husband) & mother nature, otherwise known as the birds, the squirrels, the chipmunks & the cazillion other creatures who reside in the dirt!

One by one, the tops are eaten, the chipmunks almost mocking us as they prepare their delicious salad of fresh greens from our garden.


This beauty was grown a few years ago, one that made it to its full size.  It stood so proud in our garden, begging me to photograph its petals as the sun shone through them.  Of course, I had to oblige.

I may have been spotted sticking my tongue out at the chipmunk.

Score one for the farmer!



Festival of Leaves


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35 Responses to Score one for the farmer!

  1. Paul says:

    What an awesome sunflower! thank so much for sharing that with us.

  2. joannesisco says:

    Those giant sunny heads are so magnificent. Your husband is a brave man to take on Nature’s creatures 🙂

  3. Debbie says:

    Oh, we totally sympathize with your hubby! Our garden is the salad bowl for chipmunks, bunnies, and now a black squirrel. The chipmunks have eaten ALL of our season-long strawberries, leaving NONE for us. The bunny ate the tops of our shrubs (we’re thinking of leaving our shrub trimmings in an easy-to-reach location to try to keep it away from the actual shrubs this winter). The black squirrel has dug up most of our tulips, leaving deep holes wherever he has been searching.
    The chipmunks love it here so very much that we now have to clap to scare them off the deck! And we know we are raising second generation chippies now. sigh. We actually planning on building birdhouses this winter to encourage small predator birds….
    I used to worry about predators, what with our fish pond… but now we have come to the conclusion that we would have a huge overabundance of koi and goldfish if not for the predators. The only one we have actually seen was a kingfisher last year. It is OBVIOUS, though, that there is some ANIMAL that crashes through the bulrushes to try to capture fish too.

    I love how you write. Those “mocking” chipmunks! Tell your hubby that we are routing for him!

    ps. I had just been wondering last night whether I had missed your latest in blogs. Glad to hear from you again! 😀

    • Lynn says:

      Oh dear! It sounds like an episode of Animal Kingdom is happening in your backyard. It can be a constant battle, can’t it? We stopped making friends with the chipmunks when they started jumping in our laps at dinnertime! Could it be a raccoon making an attempt at capturing your fish?

      I have written a wee bit over the summer but it has been sporadic! So lovely to have you comment Debbie! Thanks so much!

  4. Ingrid says:

    As we crossed South Dakota, we noticed fields of sunflowers. Of course, by early September they were already starting to wilt, but the yellow fields none the less were beautiful. Here’s to the farmer winning the battle next season 🙂

    • Lynn says:

      I am sure they were still beautiful Ingrid. It’s fun to watch the birds feeding from them, even funnier to watch the squirrels hanging upside down from the heads! Thanks for visiting.

  5. bikerchick57 says:

    I love the sunflower! When I gardened for the former in-laws, I felt I was in a war with the deer and bunnies. I would laugh an evil conquerer’s laugh when flowers made it to bloom. There was a battle every year. I hope you can get the sunflowers to grow again, they are such magnificent flowers.

  6. Sue Slaght says:

    I love sunflowers but they are almost impossible to grow here due to our short season. Growing them from seed? Bravo to your farmer. this is a wonderful capture. Will there be any others this fall or have the chipmunks won the battle.

  7. verenacave says:

    So glad that this beauty has grown, lived, survived, even if there is this army of evil garden inhabitants wanting to bring it down. In our garden at home I fight a hopeless fight against slugs…
    The petals and leaves of this flower are a wonderful contribution to the Festival. They celebrate both nature and how we can grow plants even if our little neighbours don’t want us to 😉
    Thanks so much for sharing this great photo and taking part

    • Lynn says:

      We deal with slugs as well. Who knew it could be so difficult trying to maintain a nice garden!

      Thank you for inviting me to the party! Hopefully I will get another entry or two into the challenge!

  8. verenacave says:

    Reblogged this on Festival of Leaves.

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  10. restlessjo says:

    Glad you can laugh about it, Lynn, and good to see you participating in ‘leaves’. I usually do too, when I get around to it. I like your unusual take 🙂 I saw some huge dried heads on the market in Poland. Not at all the same thing!

  11. I’ve heard that gardening takes patience which is why I don’t have much of one. (Garden or patience). So I tips me lid to your gentleman farmer and his dogged persistence to see his sunflowers bloom. They are such sunny, happy flowers, are they not? Lovely photo.

  12. susielindau says:

    Woohoo! I have felt the frustration of trying to grow all sorts of things here in the west. It is nothing like the motherland: Wisconsin. It’s so dry and hot. All it takes is one day of not watering and POOF!

  13. pegoleg says:

    I love sunflower seeds, roasted and salted. And if you should find your prize naked of seeds one of these days, don’t look at the snack that I’m munching on – just keep blaming the chipmunk.

    • Lynn says:

      Ha! I will keep that in mind Peg! I have a picture in my mind of you squatting beside the chipmunk on our wood pile, sharing stories of how to one up the farmer!

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