Things parents don’t let their kids do at 16 these days

Can’t imagine allowing a 16 year old to go on a journey like this one by today’s standards, but it was 1979! Such a fun read about two young lads on an adventure of a lifetime!

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With the 2015 Tour De France heading into the Alps I thought it timely to post this, it’s been in draft too long!.

It was 1979 and I was mad keen on cycling.
I’d been riding bikes since I was old enough to get on one but had joined a club a year or so earlier and had done a few time trials on an old custom built bike my neighbour gave me.
Me and a friend had been following the Tour de France for years and had marvelled at the mountains. We’d been hiking and camping for a few years and reckoned it was time to see some proper ‘hills’ and planned a trip to some of the key climbs we’d seen our heroes scarper up on TV and in the papers.
We’d just finished our exams and compulsory schooling after turning sixteen and had six weeks to enjoy…

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