Remember to love each other like Rufus Valentine

Ned is one of my favourite fellow bloggers. Often his posts contain a hilarious sense of humour but he also possesses the ability to write straight from his heart.

May we learn from the example of Rufus, continue to seek ways to live in harmony with another, to resolve our issues in a peaceful manner & to spread love everywhere we go.

“One brother, one sister at a time”

Ned's Blog

Rufus Valentine hands As I’ve mentioned before, I lived in the South for 10 years, with six of those years spent in the suburbs of Atlanta. In the early 1990s, I was a restaurant chef operating in one of Georgia’s largest shopping malls — three stories of glass, sale banners and merchants spanning six football fields’ worth of mall space.

As you can imagine, I’ve dealt with as many personalities as there are seats in a 280-capacity dining room. The fact that Rufus Valentine dug such a deep groove in my memory should tell you a little something about the man’s character.

I’d like to tell you more.

The first time I saw Rufus Valentine was during the Braves’ heyday in February of 1992, when all of Atlanta was anticipating the spring — and a run at the World Series. Essentially, you could be completely naked; but as long as you had a…

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One Response to Remember to love each other like Rufus Valentine

  1. joannesisco says:

    Thanks Lynn for sharing this story. As one reader said, it broke my heart.

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