Who’s Wearing the Tiara?

For the past number of years, I have been getting together with a fabulous group of girls for a girls weekend.  The tradition began over 22 years ago, when one of our girlfriends & her husband first purchased their cottage, now known as Two Loon Lagoon.

In its early days, the cottage was a pretty basic structure.  No running water, no septic system, ancient appliances.

This meant lugging buckets of water from the lake, chipping ice out of freezers just to get the fridge to run, & visiting the outhouse in pairs.  One of us peeing, while the other stood on the lookout for big hairy spiders or any other critters that might appear.  Safety in numbers was our motto!

Since its inception, Two Loon Lagoon has been transformed into a lovely haven, complete with running water, a flush toilet & a shower!

Girls weekend includes copious amounts of food, wine & chocolate, but the truly best part is the laughter, the support & the many tears we have shared together as friends through the years.

There is no price that could be put on the therapy received from a group of women, sharing & solving the problems of the world.

In order to protect the innocent, we only have one rule:  What is said at that cottage stays at the cottage.  Man oh man, if those walls could talk!

Over the years, as our lives have evolved, it seems one of us is experiencing some sort of a life crisis or another.  Thus the idea of Who is Wearing the Tiara, was formed.

As we gather together on that first night over a glass of wine or 10 2, catching up on each others lives, it doesn’t take long to determine who might be having a difficult time.

It could be work related, family related or it may simply be that the universe appears to be dumping shit dirt on you faster than you can shovel it back.   Quickly, we come to a unanimous decision as to who gets to wear the tiara for the weekend.  This is code for, “WOW. Your life totally sucks right now.  You win!”

By wearing the tiara, you are treated with extra special care for the weekend, in hopes that, with enough girlfriend love & pampering, life will somehow feel just a little lighter when you return to the harsh reality of the real world.

chris-helga-olgaPictured to the left is our lovely hostess wearing Helga Olga, or as I like to refer to her, our original tiara. Helga Olga is a russian tea cozy or, at least, she was, until one weekend, she threw herself into the oven, melting her face.

Perhaps she couldn’t bear to listen to any more of our life challenges.  We’ll never know.  We don’t really like to talk about it!

We could never truly replace Helga Olga.  We tried with dollar store encrusted diamond tiaras, but they were never as comfortable.  Now, it is more just a point of reference, than an actual tiara.

Trust me when I tell you, we have all worn it at some point over our time spent together.

In a few weeks, we will once again gather, for our 23rd annual girls weekend.  I am not certain who will be wearing the tiara.  Aging parents seems to be the challenge for most of us at the moment.

It could be a shared crown this year!



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27 Responses to Who’s Wearing the Tiara?

  1. joanne sisco says:

    What a brilliant tradition! There is no better therapy than the company of good friends 🙂 I’m sure you will have an amazing time and I hope that whoever is wearing the tiara on this trip has problems that are relatively minor in the grand scheme 🙂

    • Lynn says:

      You are so right Joanne! Spending the weekend together with a group of gals is the best therapy a girl could ask for! We could be passing it around this time round!

  2. Sue Slaght says:

    What a fabulous tradition and such fun. The support of good friends is so wonderful. That tea cozy photo is priceless!

  3. Cheryl Marsh says:

    :)) how perfect!, sound lots like ours.. as I’m sure you’ve heard, and Helga Olga’s ‘meltdown’, so reflective of so many Tiara-wearers … THANK HEAVENS FOR GOOD FRIENDS and WEEKENDS with WINE, MORE WINE, & CHOCOLATES!!
    tx for sharing,
    cheers, God Bless – enjoy your upcoming! .. sure we will too with much time and many miles to connect!
    love, c

    Cheryl Marsh

    Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2014 18:21:18 +0000
    To: clmavon@hotmail.com

    • Lynn says:

      Cheryl, I know that, you too, have experienced a girls wknd with the same group of gals for a number of years. We are truly blessed to have shared so many wonderful moments together.

  4. Paul says:

    What an amazing group Lynn. It must feel so freeing to just unload and relax. I wish you the very best of trips. 😀

  5. This is so awesome. There is so much hope, love and friendship in this post. What a great tradition….you are all very lucky girls to have each other.

  6. Chris says:

    What a perfect reflection on “Girls Weekend”! I think we will have to have a tribute to “Helga Olga!” I forgot about her demise in the oven! You are so right about sharing the burden among friends…how much harder would our lives have been, problems unsolved without “The Girls”…The Doctor is In! See you at Two Loon Lagoon…..Chris

  7. We all need our escapes and our confidants. What a wonderful tradition you’ve created. Enjoy the next get away.

    • Lynn says:

      You are so right Nelson. Sometimes we all just need to decompress & it helps to know that we are not alone in feeling overwhelmed sometimes with all that life presents us:)

  8. Frances D says:

    Girlfriend time away from home? The original tiara? All Priceless.

    • Lynn says:

      Thanks Frances. Throw in all of that free therapy & it is like winning the lottery! Thanks for stopping by today, for reading & for taking the time to leave a comment:)

  9. LB says:

    I can’t wait to share this post with my GOAs (Girls of August). Like you and your friends, we’ve known each other for 22 years and gather annually for what sounds like very similar kinds of fun and love. They’ll love the tiara (but we won’t steal your idea).
    Aren’t we so very fortunate to have these groups of women in our lives?
    If you have a moment, check out this very short post. I feel sure you’ll relate. http://lifeonthebikeandotherfabthings.com/2014/09/11/and-we-breathe/

    • Lynn says:

      Feel free to steal the idea LB! Happy to share the tiara:)

      Had a read of your post. Sounds absolutely lovely. We too, have a screened in porch, at Two Loon Lagoon. We spend many, many hours out there chatting in the candlelight. Thanks of your visit:)

  10. Emilio Pasquale says:

    Man, I love this. Just wish it were possible for us men to have the same kind of tradition. But we don’t talk. We’ll just go for drinks or watch a game. No one says anything of importance.

  11. restlessjo says:

    I love it too, Lynn (and the name of the cottage!) 🙂 My group of lady friends from our school years still meet regularly and some combinations of them ‘escape’ together. We’ve seen some rare ups and downs and you’re right- it’s the being there that counts.

  12. I love…whatever is said at the cottage…stays at the cottage…you should get T-shirts:)

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