On My Ride Today – The Sweet Smell of Spring

As I headed out on my ride today, I noticed that Mother Nature has been very busy the past few weeks.  With a long, cold winter behind her, one can almost hear the sigh of relief & the promise of warm days to come.

I am so lucky to live in an area where, within moments of jumping on my bike, I have access to beautiful country roads & nature galore.

I love witnessing the progression of the season from early spring days of cycling, to the last days of fall when nature puts itself to bed once again in preparation of the winter.

Today, as I rode along one of my favourite routes, I was engulfed in the sweet aroma of lilacs.


Laden with beautiful blossoms, they appear to be smiling in welcoming the warmth of the sun.

Continuing on my route, as I rounded corner, I found these.


White lilacs appear to be more difficult to find in our area these days, so I was only too happy to get off my bike for a little sniff of these beauties.  The white ones are my favourite!

Mother Nature is exploding everywhere you look!  It’s as if she has taken a big giant breath & upon her exhale, new growth & new life appears.

Leaves on the trees have finally popped open, the ferns in the forest are a brilliant carpet of green, & the birds are all a twitter it seems in every direction you look.

Beautiful fragrant apple blossoms, which will turn into yummy apples for my rides in the fall!

Beautiful fragrant apple blossoms, which will turn into yummy apples for my rides in the fall!

If you listen closely, you may hear the bees buzzing!

If you listen closely, you may hear the bees buzzing!

Although I don’t make it a habit to disturb Mother Nature when I am out on a ride, even I couldn’t resist the temptation to take just a little snippet of her beauty today.



Hope you are having a wonderful week.  Regardless of whether you’re cycling, running, walking or resting on a bench somewhere, be sure to take some time to soak in the beauty around you.





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11 Responses to On My Ride Today – The Sweet Smell of Spring

  1. sueslaght says:

    Lynn isn’t this fantastic!? I stepped out the door yesterday and I truly thought what is that magnificent smell? The neighbour’s apple tree had burst into bloom. Spring at last!

    • Lynn says:

      Apple blossoms are so fragrant & so beautiful. In the area where we live, there are a large number of orchards. The smell is incredible if you happen by when the trees are in bloom. Crossing our fingers that spring is here to stay!

  2. joannesisco says:

    Lilacs are my favourite flower. The smell is intoxicating!! Your photos are so beautiful … it almost feels like you’ve sent us all a bouquet of flowers 🙂
    I read once – I wish I could remember where – that the earth laughs in flowers. I love that visual and now whenever I see flowers in nature, I think the earth is happy and laughing. It just feel right, doesn’t it? 🙂

    • Lynn says:

      What a beautiful way of envisioning the earth Joanne. So often I think we tend to just walk by all of the beauty that is right before our eyes.

      Cycling provides me with an opportunity to take some of it in! Granted, on those days, my km covered aren’t as far but I sure enjoyed the journey along the way, In the end, isn’t that what its all about?

  3. maniaccoach says:

    hey biker chick! I was right there with you. Did practically the same thing except take pictures. Absolutely a great time of year to ride. Thanks for sharing a great story…… yet again. Hope to see you on the road. Be safe xoxo

    • Lynn says:

      Hey to you my fearless mania coach girl! Your kind words & your inspiration are appreciated today & always my friend:) I’ll be sure to keep an eye out as you whip by me at hyper-speed! So lovely to have you drop by.

  4. Jane says:

    I was also enjoying the beautiful lilacs in bloom on my walk to the park while babysitting my great nephew and niece today. I held my almost 3 year old nephew up for a smell, but he informed me they were grapes! lol Out of the mouths of babes!

  5. Paul says:

    Beautiful pics Lynn. Thanks for taking us with you on your ride.

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