Lyrics of Love

Almost daily, through social media, we are inundated with inspirational quotes & a plethora of videos that may impact us in some way.  Some make us laugh, some give us cause to reflect, some simply touch our hearts.

This was the case for me when watching the story behind the song, Sweet Lorraine.  Lyrics written by a 96-year-old gentlemen (Fred) submitted through a contest, in honour of his beloved wife (Lorraine).

Perhaps it is because I have found myself witnessing first hand recently, the incredible loss a partner experiences when losing their lifelong loved one.

Whether the loss is through death, or the recognition that they can no longer care for their loved one, the result is one of deep sadness & utter heartache.  The remaining partner is faced with being alone to exist in a world that they have become so accustomed to sharing with another person.

A lifetime of memories,  a history that is unique to the two people who have shared their life together.  The good & bad, the laughter & the tears, the highs & lows are all part of what defines their story.

The expression on Fred’s face as he listens to his beautiful lyrics come to life, needs no description.   There can be no greater gift than the gift of love.  Kudos to Green Shoe Studios for bestowing such a beautiful tribute to Fred & his wife, Lorraine.

I hope it touches your heart as much as it did mine.  Here is the link to Sweet Lorraine.





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9 Responses to Lyrics of Love

  1. sueslaght says:

    Oh my goodness Lynn what a beautiful video and story. At our stage in life we journey with our parents and other family members as they say goodbye. So tough to watch. Thank you for sharing this.

    • Lynn says:

      You are so right Sue, watching our parents feeling so lost without their partners is heart wrenching. I think that is why this “gift” touched me so deeply. Thanks for dropping in my friend:)

  2. Very sweet. And I’m sorry the loss you’re witnessing, too.

    • Lynn says:

      I thought so too Loni. In recent years, our parents have had to go through this stage & it is so difficult for them. To have spent a lifetime with someone leaves them feeling so lost when that person is no longer by their side. When I saw this story, I thought it was such a wonderful gift to present to this man. Thanks for dropping in today & leaving a comment. I hope you & your beautiful family are well.

  3. roseanna vachon says:

    That was beautiful. As tears filled my eyes and became so much more grateful for the wonderful man in my life. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2014 12:14:27 +0000

  4. pieterk515 says:

    One word. Beautiful. Inspirational. Incredibly moving. Ok, that’s four words.

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