Packing Up & Letting Go

For the past few weeks, I have been packing up my daughter’s room.

For real this time.

I say this because, we have packed up on a number of occasions as she came & went to school, but this time was different.  She has her own home now so it seemed a fitting time to transfer the treasures of her youth to her safekeeping.

For me, this meant packing up and letting go of a chapter in time as well.

It is a strange exercise in a Mom’s life.  One that tends to conjure up a number of memories of days gone by.

Memories of a day when a precious wee girl of 2 1/2 excitedly jumped into her new “big bed” for the first time.  Surely it was only yesterday when this same room was overflowing with stuffed animals, children’s books, littlest pet shop & grand champions.

Days when all that could be heard beyond that door, were fits of giggles with girlfriends, shared secrets & stories not meant for a mother’s ears.

Memories of laying beside my daughter on her bed reading a story, waiting for her to fall asleep.  Tending to her when she was sick or tickling her back, her leg, her arm.  It didn’t matter, as long as you just kept tickling.

The days of my daughter’s childhood; a chapter that is now complete.

As I pulled a couple of storage bins out from under her bed to see what childhood treasures lay tucked away in them, it was like taking a lovely walk down  memory lane.

Sarah, my daughter’s first & favourite little doll who, for many years, sat in the corner of her crib accompanying her to sleep at night.  Several treasured trinkets that somehow ended up in our home when she returned from visiting her grandparents.  School awards & yearbooks, photo albums & scrapbooks just to name a few.

One well-loved old soul remains in her room, her beloved Teddy.  A gift she received from my brother on her 1st birthday.

Teddy has endured years of pretend play, slept in every bed that she has, comforted her when no words could, & sat patiently on her bed waiting for a goodnight hug, night after night.

He attended university for about 6 years, living in various forms of housing.  He managed to make it through student living relatively unscathed, although we did have to rescue him on a few occasions when he was found squished between the bed & a wall.

Post grad studies, followed by work & marriage; he has been at her side through it all.

Despite all of their travels & life experiences together, somehow this old soul managed to find his way back to my daughter’s room in our home.  Last week when I washed him for what I thought was the last time, he & I shared a moment of mutual admiration, for the beautiful girl we have loved from the very beginning.

Looking good after all these years.

Looking good after all these years.

When I messaged my daughter to let her know that Teddy was getting cleaned up one more time to make his way to her home, she surprised me by asking that I leave him exactly where he is.

It seems that the spirit of the little girl who grew up in our home, still lives within the walls of this room.  She likes the idea of him being there, to welcome her when she comes home.

Her mother & one slightly scraggly old bear are only too happy to oblige.

I love you to the moon Sweets♥



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15 Responses to Packing Up & Letting Go

  1. Glen says:

    Lovely story Lynn! xo

  2. tammy says:

    Ooooh Lynn! I DO enjoy your ‘Life After 50’ stories and hope you’re keeping hardcopies with your personal journaling, they really are your treasured moments and I love that your share them with such depth from your heart xo thanks so much

  3. Tara says:

    Haha, I’m sure you heard a lot of the stories not meant for mother’s ears.. you were always one of the girls 😉

    • Lynn says:

      You, my lovely, are a so much a part of why I treasure this period of my life! Reading your comment warmed my heart & immediately reminded me of a conversation in my room with you & K. Love you beautiful! Thanks for reading & leaving a comment:)

  4. Ned's Blog says:

    When I turned 30 (almost 20 years ago), my mom gave me back my very first stuffed animal. It was a turtle given to me by my grandmother and left behind many years ago (I couldn’t risk it being found by a date or roommate!). She had re-painted the eyes, patch the worn spots… it was a very special reunion. To this day, it remains in the bedroom, right next to my wife’s first stuffed animal 😉

    • Lynn says:

      That is so sweet Ned! I am pretty sure your turtle would have been a chick magnet! I mean, come on, who wouldn’t love a guy that still had his childhood stuffed animal! Ok, maybe you’re right! Thanks for dropping by!

  5. finlaym1 says:

    Beautiful story Lynn, wishing your daughter all the very best in her new home x

  6. Lynn, you’re killing me! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Both, I guess. I love the line about your daughter bringing home trinkets from time spent with grandparents. My daughter does that constantly. I love that she is fascinated by my mother’s things (she’s a collector of antiques) and that I end up stumbling over this or that and then I’m like, How did this get here? Great post.

  7. Lynn says:

    This was such an emotional task for me Lindsay, one that conjured up so many tiny little moments of my daughter’s life. I continue to be surprised at times when I look at our children & see the adults that they are & question how we got here so quickly.

    Grandparents seem to have a way of gifting little tokens to their grandchildren. Perhaps I don’t need to clean all my basement after all! I will just wait for grandchildren to sneak treasures into the pockets & send them home to my kids!

    Thank you, as always, for reading.

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