Opposite Ends of the Spectrum

Life is so strange sometimes, bringing both joy & heartache simultaneously; opposite ends of the spectrum so to speak.  New life vs death.

It seems I am at that age, when I am watching new parents welcome their beautiful new babies into the world, and at the same time, watching a number of friends say goodbye to loved ones.  I recognise that this is not just a part of being 50ish, this can occur at any age but there seems to be a rise in the number or births & deaths I have experienced in the past few months.

New life.  Is there anything  more precious than meeting a newborn child for the very first time?

A brand new hello, a beautiful new life.  What joy this tiny little being brings to us.  The promise of new experiences, new adventures & a bond that is one of the most powerful we will ever experience for another human being.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, is saying goodbye to a loved one.

Regardless of the circumstances, we are often left in a state of shock when we are faced with knowing that we will no longer have this loved one in our life on a day to day basis.  We continue to hold them in hearts & certainly they live on in our stories and our memories, but it is difficult to let go of them physically being here with us on earth.

A good friend of mine once described that she viewed life as somewhat equal to that of a story.  Some of us are not meant to be here for a long period of time, thus our story is not filled with as many chapters as we would like.  I liked this analogy.

Most of us hope to have a story filled with a number of interesting chapters, rich in experience & characters met throughout our lifetime.  Regardless of whether your journey is just starting out or whether it has come to an end, I hope that your story is rich in content, filled with much adventure, the odd romance or two along the way but most of all, overflowing with love.

To the beautiful, new little ones that have recently joined us, I say welcome!

To the friends in my life that are experiencing sorrow for the loss of their loved one, I wish you a sense of peace in your hearts & comfort in knowing that you were a wonderful part of your loved ones story.

I leave you with a poem that has become a favourite of mine.  The author is unknown but clearly had a beautiful way with words.  Regardless of what end of the spectrum you are on, the sentiment is the same.

I wish you comfort on difficult days,

Smiles when sadness intrudes

Rainbows that follow the clouds

Laughter to kiss your lips

Sunsets to warm your heart and

gentle hugs when your spirits sag

Friendship to brighten your being

Beauty for your eyes to see,

Confidence for when you doubt

Courage to know yourself

Patience to accept the truth

And love to complete your life



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8 Responses to Opposite Ends of the Spectrum

  1. finlaym1 says:

    Beautiful poem. My best friend has gone through too many bereavements this year, its been tough for her. Im grateful my parents, although elderly, are still here. x

    • Lynn says:

      I hope that your friend is doing okay & that she is surrounded by good friends & family. Hugs:)

      • finlaym1 says:

        She has a lovely supportive husband. She’s just been diagnosed with Lupus too. A real tough time 😦

      • Lynn says:

        Oh dear! Lupus is such a difficult illness to deal with, so many variables. A very good friend of mine has a sister that was diagnosed a number of years ago. It has been a challenge, to say the least, but she too has a wonderful supportive husband that has been her rock.

      • finlaym1 says:

        Yes many variables. A bit like my own condition, can manifest differently person to person.
        She was in such despair I felt helpless but this week seems a little calmer. I hope your friends sister is doing okay x

  2. rupacoach says:

    We need to cherish our precious times and this in turn perhaps helps us to be stronger when we need to face things with courage.

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