A Grateful Heart


“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”     
   John F. Kennedy

For us Canadian folks, this weekend is Thanksgiving & so it seems an appropriate time to acknowledge, with a grateful heart, how truly thankful I am to have the life that I do.  More importantly, I am so blessed to be surrounded by such an amazing circle of family & friends, for it is the people in my life that make it so rich.

Each & every one is a treasured gift.

This weekend, our home will be filled with grown children, parents, a wee babe, a granddog & hopefully a few friends that have the opportunity to pop in.  Bountiful food will adorn our table, laughter will most certainly be in the air, & at some point I will likely have what I call, a “Mommie moment”.

A moment when your heart is so full of love & gratitude that it feels like it will burst.  They are those moments when you step back & take in how much love fills the room with your family in it, when you silently give thanks for every cherished memory you have had with your husband, your children & extended family and look forward to those yet to come.

For those that are missing loved ones this Thanksgiving, I wish you a sense of peace in your hearts & love to heal the sorrow that you are feeling.

I hope that you have a Thanksgiving that is filled with gratitude for all the treasured gifts in your life.  I hope that you too, have a heart expanding moment.  Take a moment & breath it in for there is much to be grateful for.

I leave you with a message about gratitude via one of my favourite Ted Talks.  For those of you that are not familiar with Ted Talks,  they offer an abundance of perspective on a variety of issues.  Seek out a quiet place, sit back & have a listen to this one.  It is approximately 10 minutes long but I encourage you to watch it in its entirety.   At about 4:40, a narration begins that I think delivers a very powerful message.  Enjoy!

With a grateful heart today & always.



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4 Responses to A Grateful Heart

  1. Sandra Kelly says:

    Thank you Lynn! It not only touched my soul but stroked it.
    I am so very grateful for for all of my wonderful friends and family but this year am especially grateful for all of my newly found friends. People who have opened their lives and hearts to me and invited me in. I am in blessed.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Cheryl Marsh says:

    🙂 Amen!, how spot on, thank you!!
    cheers, God Bless – warmest hi’s to all

    Cheryl Marsh

    Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2013 12:37:35 +0000
    To: clmavon@hotmail.com

  3. Found your blog from a comment you made on AHHH Dad…. You’ve got a new follower.

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