Wise words from the Captain

When my husband & I visited the East Coast this past summer, we popped in for dinner one evening, to a little restaurant in Lunenburg Nova Scotia, called The Grand Banker Bar & Grill.

For those that are not familiar with Lunenburg, it is a beautiful little coastal town that sits along the scenic south shore of Nova Scotia.  The Grand Banker overlooks the harbour & serves a fantastic meal if you are ever in the area!

When we arrived for dinner, we were seated in a quaint little booth called the Captain Quarters.  Adorning the wall were a variety of photographs of beautiful sailboats that had dropped anchor in the harbour of Lunenburg along with a number of notes & well wishes from various crew members that had stopped in for a bite to eat.

My eyes were drawn to one in particular; a picture of a magnificent sailboat with a scribbled note from the captain, thanking the staff of this establishment for their wonderful hospitality.  At the end of his note, he left them with a poem which I thought was such a lovely sentiment & one we could all apply to our daily lives.

This is a picture I took one evening when we were out for a stroll along the harbour.  The fog was just starting to roll in as it did most evenings.  The captain’s poem is noted at the bottom of the photograph.

May you: Navigate the seas of your soul Anchor in your fondest memories Sail into a bright future and float in an ocean of tolerance

May you:
Navigate the seas of your soul
Anchor in your fondest memories
Sail into a bright future
and float in an ocean of tolerance

Have a wonderful week,



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8 Responses to Wise words from the Captain

  1. Jane says:

    Beautiful pic and I love the poem!!

  2. finlaym1 says:

    Amazing photo and beautiful words x

  3. Rachel V. says:

    We are lucky enough to see this area every summer. Hope you had a chance to check out Mahone Bay also where George’s dad cottage is. We were shocked to hear of a fire on Lunenburg waterfront just over a week ago..but luckily the other buildings were saved.

  4. Becky Klingenberg says:

    The photo is so peaceful, just touches your soul. Love the poem. Love to read your blog Lynn!

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