I’m a Hugger

It’s true, I’m a hugger. 

This is not news to anyone who knows me for I love nothing more than to wrap my arms around the people I love & embrace them in a nice warm hug.   I have even been known to meet people for the very first time & proclaim “I’m a hugger”.  Stop the madness, you say!

I think I have been a hugger for most of my life; I am a demonstrative person.  I like to touch people.  Well now I am just making myself sound kind of creepy!

Free Hug Campaign

Seriously though, I believe that a hug is one of the best feelings in the planet.  Don’t you think the world would be a much a better place if we took more opportunities to just hug it out?

Consider this.  If you are blessed enough to be born into a loving family (I say this because I recognise that not all children are), one of the first things we feel when we enter this world is the warm embrace of our mothers arms.  Alternatively, at the end of our journey here on earth, we can only hope that we are in the arms of a loved one when our last breath is taken.  Hopefully, in your lifetime, whatever that amount of time is, you have experienced a gazillion of them!

Hugs are an essential part of how we connect as humans.  In giving or receiving hugs, we express joy & sorrow, comfort & encouragement, friendship & love.  They can be shared with just one person or a whole group.  Simply put, they are the one of the most versatile expressions of emotion we possess.

So, it brings me no shame to admit…I’m a hugger.

In fact, I challenge you to become one as well!  There’s nothing to be afraid of, it’s a simple gesture that only requires you to open your arms.  Make it your mission to hug more.  Hug your children, hug your spouse, hug your parents, hug your friends, hug your animals, hug yourself.  Trust me, it feels good!

Still not convinced?  I invite you to take 5 minutes & watch this video.  There are a number of Free Hug campaign videos out there but this one happens to be one of my favourites.  I love how, in addition to the hugs, this guy high 5’s everyone; as if the hug wasn’t enough!  The group hug at 3:27 is also pretty awesome.  Watch the smile that spreads over each person’s face as they give in to the urge to hug this young man.

I hope that it brings a smile to your face & a feeling of warmth in your heart, but most of all, the urge to go and hug someone.  Open your arms & go for it!

As always, I welcome your feedback & comments.  Are you hugger?  Like the reply box below says, don’t be shy, get in on the conversation & share!

Sending you uber hugs,




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14 Responses to I’m a Hugger

  1. Patti Norrish says:

    This happened to me while walking on the boardwalk last month in
    Toronto, two girls trying to get 100 hugs for the worlds largest scavenger hunt. I stopped and hugged them both as soon as I saw their signs. I made Steve, Rose and Brad all give them a hug. Then I stopped four other people and had them hug the girls as well. It was great fun and made everyone feel wonderful.
    Bear hugs,

  2. Lynn says:

    Good for you girlfriend! They must have thought they hit the jackpot when you hugged them:) Thanks so much for your comment, lovely to hear from you!

  3. Jim Reid says:

    Well done again Lynn !!! Here I sit with watering eyes. Like you I belive the world would be a better place if everyone took the time to just hug 1 new person a day, what a difference it would make in someones life. It just feels that GOOD. Great video as well. Mine is the Dave Mathews Band, Every Day is the name of the song. Youtube it, it’s my hugging video. Looking forward to your next blog and our friendship hug.

  4. Lynn says:

    Thanks for commenting Jimbo:) You & I need to start our own hug campaign!

  5. Sandra Kelly says:

    I have become a ‘hugger lover’. Not long after my husband died I realized how much I missed the warmth of a hug and how good it feels to connect through touch. I am now a big time hugger – to the joy of some and the chagrin of others.

  6. Lynn says:

    I am happy to hug you any time Sandra:) Thanks for reading!

  7. Cheryl Marsh says:

    🙂 Excellent note & video Lynn, tx so much for sharing .. makes me sad I’ve taken so long to catch up, may be more.
    cheers, God Bless — and yes, it’s contagious!
    love, c

    Cheryl Marsh

    Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2013 22:53:44 +0000
    To: clmavon@hotmail.com

  8. Wonderful post. Thanks for directing me to it.

  9. Okay, I’m sold…from now on I’m huggin everything…trees, telephone poles, the cop directing traffic and every animal that shows up in my path. The piece says a lot about you. 🙂

    • Lynn says:

      I look forward to hearing about the beautiful obsessive hugger lady from New York, on the news. Look out NYC, Susannah is coming for you!

    • Lynn says:

      P.S. Were you able to watch the video? I tried to watch it again but it told me it was unavailable. If you weren’t, go to youtube & search Hugging Strangers in Paris. You’ll be glad you did!

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