Days Gone By

Last night, I spent a wonderful evening catching up with a couple of girlfriends that I have shared a history with for a number of years.mep

A lifetime actually.

Childhood friends remind you of a time that is often forgotten about most days.  A time when we played hopscotch & took dance lessons.  A time when we played in sandboxes & rode our bikes for most of the day. When sleepovers were still something we were scared of & big brothers played mean pranks on us.  A time when we walked to school in packs, we worried about acne and desperately just wanted to fit in.

On this particular evening, we determined that it had been 8 years since the three of us had last sat in a room together & yet somehow those years melt away in an instant as we start conversation & begin to catch up on each others lives.

We reminisced about the usual stuff, whatever ever happened to so & so, remember when we….?  What struck me most as we were sitting there chatting, was the life history that I share with these ladies.  A history that represents some of the most vulnerable periods of our lives.

No matter how much times passes, it still fills me joy to chat with these childhood friends.  In doing so, we are taken on a journey where we are reminded of a period in our life when our parents were young & vibrant, when life appeared less complicated, although it certainly felt complicated at the time.

I am so grateful to have remained in contact with these girls and to still have the opportunity to connect now & again to remind us of days gone by.  Although our lives have taken us on separate journeys, a simple get together takes us back to the giggling young girls we used to be.

I hope that you too, have the benefit of sharing with lifelong friends.  Friends that remind you of the little girls we once were, the awkward teenagers we managed to rise from, despite our misgivings about making it to adulthood, and the beautiful women that we have become.

My wish is that we are still sharing our lives in our old age & that our memories are in tact enough to remember our story:)  Love you girls for all of our yesterdays, our todays & our tomorrows


Because we were just that cool!



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11 Responses to Days Gone By

  1. Great post! Thank heaven for good friends!

  2. Just fabulous reading. Thank you for sharing. A high school friend and I talked just yesterday and it was nice to laugh, sharing remembrances of laughter shared back then. Our connection to the past is an awesome thing. Congrats on still having one.

  3. Cheryl Marsh says:

    🙂 like you, treasured friend indeed!
    tx, love, c

    Cheryl Marsh

    Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2013 22:36:42 +0000

  4. finlaym1 says:

    Love this!! What a lovely story and you’re lucky to still be in touch with childhood friends x

    Ps, I was the big sister playing mean pranks on my little brother haha 🙂

    • Lynn says:

      Thanks so much for reading! I am sure your younger brother much have paid you back at some point:)

      • finlaym1 says:

        All the cheating at board games and giving him toothpaste eyebrows when asleep haha…

        He was never a prankster, just told our parents all the time. He was a bit of a mummies boy, still is at 41! I was the tomboy of the house. Two of my school photos ( Year 3 and year 6) I had a black eye. Always in trouble.
        Your post has brought back some great memories, thank you x

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