Me & My Shadow

2 years ago I decided to take up cycling.  What can I say, I am a bit of a late bloomer!

After spending a number of hours in the gym participating in spin classes, I bit the bullet & made the investment in a road bike. It was time to take my butt out on the road.

The similarities between riding a spin bike & riding a bike on the road, end in the gym.

There is no faking your tension on the road!

You can almost hear the hills mocking you as you approach them.  Did I mention that hills are my nemesis? I am however, determined to conquer them, & have yet to get off of my bike when climbing one. Admittedly, at times it’s not pretty, my legs continuing to push & pull as I drop down to my granny gear,but I am a stubborn sod & so I figure as I long as I don’t start sliding backwards, I’ll get there eventually.

One bonus of being 50ish is that, the only person I am out to compete with, is myself:)

Having said that, there is nothing more satisfying than conquering those stinkin’ hills, when you thought that the odds of you reaching the peak where slim to none.

I have often been asked if I prefer riding with company or riding alone. I must confess, I enjoy both.

ride-28Riding with a friend or a group pushes you to get out first & foremost, to make some attempt at keeping up with the strongest rider, & to improve on skills where you might be lacking (in my case, hills).

Riding with someone else provides you with the opportunity to encourage one another and to just spend some time chatting together to catch up on life. The other benefit, of course, is that it lessons the likelihood of you taking a nasty spill & lying in a ditch until someone discovers you:0)

Alternatively, I also love to ride alone.

Just me & my shadow pedalling in perfect harmony dumping the stresses of the day & leaving them on the pavement behind you.Bike.shadow1
When riding alone, I find I tend to be much more aware of what surrounds me; the fresh smell of cedar in early spring, the lilac bushes bursting into bloom along a country road, the farmer out cultivating their field with a flurry of friends following behind the tractor in search of food.

Sometimes it is just good therapy to spend some time with yourself, connect with your thoughts & listen to the rhythm of your heartbeat.

When is the last time you took time to do that?

We live in a society where we are stimulated by white noise for a better part of our day. I highly recommend spending an hour, just you & your shadow, to decompress.

It doesn’t have to be on a bike, just a quiet place somewhere where you can clear your thoughts & do some reconnecting with your soul.

Hope you’re having a wonderful day:)



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10 Responses to Me & My Shadow

  1. Anne Austin says:

    I serve tea in Millbrook!

  2. Dan B says:

    I try to do my hills in the hardest gear.

  3. lymart says:

    You are a rockstar Dan!

  4. Late bloomers are unique and I commend you for taking up any physical challenges. Our bodies were meant to move 🙂 You are a great cyclist Lynn. I rode last night and the smell of the lilacs were absolutely amazing. You may want to try this…. Once I passed a group of lilac trees, I felt I wanted more. Up ahead I saw a group of another lilac trees. So I sprinted to them and coasted through the beautiful aroma mother nature gave us. We should invent a slogan for cyclists. As runners aging we are now commenting on slowing down to smell the roses. Although I cannot recall smelling any roses on my slower runs! Us cyclists can now slow down to smell the lilacs. Sweet. See you out on the road girl.

  5. lymart says:

    Heather, you continue to be an inspiration to all who are fortunate enough to have you in their life & give them them the benefit of sharing your contagious energy & enthusiasm. Leave it to you to develop a race out of smelling the lilacs while riding your bike! You make me smile & I know what I will be doing the next time I am out on my bike this week!

  6. John Deremo says:

    You do have the knack for writing … you have a unique style that allows the reader to see what you see or in this case smell those smells … don’t you dare stop !!

  7. Glen MacDonald says:

    Hi Lynn. I’ve got to say how much I enjoy reading your posts. When you started these you mentioned some concern as to whether your writing (content, grammar, etc.) would be up to it. No worries my dear… you’re doing a great job! Keep it up!

    This post in particular posed a bit of a ‘tease’ for me. Between the weather on our recent trip to the east coast and that we’ve had since returning to Quebec – pretty much all cold and wet – it’s been almost 3 weeks since I’ve been able to get on my bicycle. And I have the 200 km Rideau Lakes Ride in just 2 weeks (eeek!). There may be a few good days this week to put some needed training kms in and, hopefully, the sun will shine when you guys come next weekend.

    Looking forward to seeing you!



    • lymart says:

      Thanks for the compliments Glen, glad you are enjoying the blog:) The weather here hasn’t been great the past week or so for cycling, cold & very windy so not too many km being put on those tires in the last little bit. We plan on bringing the sunshine with us to your place so that we can spend a wonderful day together on the bikes! Looking forward to spending some time with you & the rest of the crew!

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