Let’s Begin

As I approach my 52nd birthday, I have been reflecting on where life has taken me to this point & what I hope to do in the years to come. It is always a surprise to me when I hear people dreading another birthday, seemingly feeling like they have just lost another year on this earth, rather then celebrating where they are at & embracing that age for all that offers.

Perhaps that is the reason I have decided to try blogging.  I enjoy writing, something I could not have imagined years ago when the dreaded English essays were assigned! For any English teachers out there, I warn you, my grammar may not always be perfect but I will try my very best. Thankfully, I am not looking for a grade, just an opportunity to share thoughts & ideas.

I do not profess to be an expert on anything, just a human being, on a journey, making some attempt at all there is to experience within my grasp. And so, I begin!

Let me start by saying that I prefer to focus on the positive. This is definitely a philosophy I have developed more & more as my life moves along. I think we can all get sucked in by all of the negative that surrounds us. There is so much discontent out there, the coulda, shoulda woulda kind, the nasty rants that we read every day, the bad news on tv, the mudslinging at each other.

I challenge you to use some of that energy to focus on the positive in your day. Stop & think about the tiny little things that you missed because you got sucked in to the big black hole of “this day sucks”.

My day started today by arriving at my office, to be greeted by a beautiful big golden doodle name Bella & her little side kick, Louis. There is nothing that screams joy more than two bounding beauties welcoming you with their sheer excitement of having the pleasure of coming to the office with their mom to share a little dog love among friends.

We should all be so lucky as to live in the heart of a dog for a day. That beautiful smile that a dog gives you that says, “Man it’s good to be alive, isn’t it?” Thank you Bella & Louis for the wonderful start to my day! I hope you enjoy yours:)



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6 Responses to Let’s Begin

  1. Jane says:

    Way to go girlfriend!

  2. Lynn, this is such a wonderful first post! I think you truly touched the heart of why so many of us blog. And your words are timeless – they could have been written yesterday – about the discontent out there. I’ve always loved your focus on the positive – Thanks! 🙂 All the very best, Terri

    • Lynn says:

      Terri, your lovely comment today truly touched my heart. I try to live by these words so I thank you so much for having me go back to reread what I had written. As I now approach 60 next year, they are still very relevant to me, if not more so in these challenging times.

      Thank you so much for the smile, for reading & for your friendship here in the blogosphere! Hugs to you & James🤗

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  4. Gilda Baxter says:

    Lynn, I love this first post 🙂 I also started blogging back in 2013, for very similar reasons, I enjoy writing and wanted to have a creative outlet. I am glad you are still blogging 🙂

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